15th Annual David A. Rothenberger Lecture | Oct. 17

Please join us!

We hope you will gather with us when Ninth Federal Reserve District President Neel Kashkari presents the 15th annual Rothenberger Lecture on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. inside the Coffman Memorial Union Theater! 

Dr. Rothenberger

About the Lecture Series

This lecture series honors the work of Dr. David A. Rothenberger, a physician leader, surgeon, mentor and researcher. He is the former Jay Phillips Professor and Chair of the Department of Surgery at the University of Minnesota. 

The Rothenberger lecture was established by his Surgery Department colleagues and other community donors. This lectureship was the stimulus to develop a broad physician leadership program, the Emerging Physician Leaders Program (later named the Rothenberger Leadership Academy).

Prior Rothenberger Lecturers:

  • 2008 - Former U.S. Vice President Walter F. Mondale, “Complexity and Meaning in Politics and Health Care”
  • 2009 - U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, “Health Care Priorities and Current Reform Efforts”
  • 2010 - Thomas Goetz, MPH, executive editor of Wired magazine, “The Patient as Decision Maker: Implications for an Academic Medical Center”
  • 2011 - William Brody, MD, PhD, president of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and former president of Johns Hopkins University, “Academic Health Centers: A Survival Manual”
  • 2012 - Diana Chapman Walsh, PhD, chair of the inaugural board of directors, Broad Institute of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and former president of Wellesley College, “Morality without Apology: Reclaiming Humphrey’s America”
  • 2013 - Bill George, professor of management practice, Harvard Business School, and former chair and CEO of Medtronic, “Will Physicians Lead Us through Health Care Challenges?”
  • 2014 - Marilyn Carlson Nelson, former chair and CEO of Carlson (the global travel and hospitality company headquartered in Minneapolis), “Have We Done Enough?”
  • 2015 - David D. Murphy, interim CEO of Fairview Health Services, and president and CEO of Red Wing Shoe Company, “Healthcare Leadership…Advice I Learned from a Cow”
  • 2016 -  Pamela Melroy, astronaut and retired colonel of the U.S. Air Force, “Leadership in Life-Critical Situations: Lessons from the Space Shuttle”
  • 2017 - Caprice Christian Greenberg, MD, MPH, surgeon, University of Wisconsin, Madison, “Sticky Floors and Glass Ceilings”
  • 2018 - Dan BuettnerNational Geographic fellow and bestselling author, “Blue Zones”
  • 2019 – Laura Bloomberg, PhD, Dean of Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, “We, the People:  Reclaiming the Public Square”
  • 2021 - Carolyn M. Clancy, MD, MACP, Assistant Under Secretary for Health for Discovery, Education and Affiliate Networks, Veterans Health Administration, "A National Perspective: Leading the Largest Healthcare System in the US during COVID-19"
  • 2022 - Selwyn M. Vickers, MD, FACS, President and CEO, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer, "History Worth Remembering: Lessons for Today Learned from a Period in American History Called Reconstruction"

Rothenberger Leadership Academy Program

Learn more about the RothLA's overview, alums, etc., by viewing the external site linked below.  

Contact for special requests or accommodations

Kelli Tourand 
toura018@umn.edu | 612-624-4581

PHOTO GALLERY: Last year's Rothenberger Lecture with Dr. Selwyn M. Vickers