Academic Office

Department of Surgery
11-132 Phillips-Wangensteen Bldg.
516 Delaware Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Phone: 612-626-1999

Send mail to:
Department of Surgery
420 Delaware Street SE
Mayo Mail Code 195
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Patient Contact

For general inquiries: 612-273-8383 or 844-273-8383 (toll-free)

Adult appointments: 612-273-8383
Adult referrals: 612-672-7000

Pediatric appointments: 612-365-1000 or toll-free 855-267-5289
Pediatric referrals: 888-KIDS-UMN (888-543-7866)

For more information on selecting a surgeon, conditions we treat, and information regarding our various clinics, visit MHealth.

Physician Referral Service: 612-672-7000

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Chair's Office

Surgery Education

  • Jessica Andersen, MBA, C-TAGME

    Surgery Education Manager


  • Sarah Erickson, JD

    General Surgery Residency

    Program Administrator


  • Amanda Hyatt

    General Surgery Residency

    Assistant Coordinator


  • Michelle Lunden

    Surgical Education Specialist


  • Yvonne Christensen

    UME Surgery Clerkships

    Program Administrator


  • Kimberly Moorehead

    Plastic Surgery, Integrated and Independent Programs

    Program Administrator


  • Charlene Nightengale

    Vascular Surgery, Integrated and Independent Programs

    Program Administrator


  • Sarah Strommer

    Colon and Rectal Surgery & Mastery in General Surgery Fellowships

    Program Administrator


  • Carol Nguyen, C-TAGME

    Cardiothoracic Surgery & Surgical Critical Care Fellowships

    Program Administrator


  • Jasmine Jackson

    Transplant Surgery Fellowship

    Program Administrator

Cardiovascular Surgery

  • Jenn Johnson
    Division Administrator
    Supporting: Ranjit John MD and Rosemary Kelly MD *UMN Specific Tasks
  • Rick Castillo
    Program/Project Specialist
    Supporting: John Foker MD, PhD, Stephen Huddleston MD, PhD,  Sara Shumway MD
  • Caroline Orth
    Veterans Affairs Administrator
    Supporting: Matthew Soule MD and Rose Kelly MD
  • Tina Russell
    Program/Project Specialist
    Supporting: Michael Mulvihill, MD, Andrew Shaffer MD, MS, Rochus Voeller MD, K. Joshua Wong MD

Colon & Rectal Surgery

  • Alex Broek
    Associate Administrator
    Supporting: Wolfgang Gaertner MD, Robert Madoff MD, Genevieve Melton-Meaux MD, PhD, Cyrus Jahansouz MD, Elliot Arsoniadis MD, PhD

Surgical Critical Care

  • Brittany Ernst
    Associate Administrator
    Supporting: Jeffrey Chipman MD, Melissa Brunsvold MD, FACS, Jorge Granja, MD
  • Christine Vincent
    Associate Administrator
    Supporting: Gregory Beilman MD, Daniel Kendrick MD
  • Keara Carpenter
    Supporting: Christopher Tignanelli MD
  • Marge Knutsen
    Supporting: Robert Bulander Jr. MD, PhD, James V. Harmon Jr. MD, PhD, David Martin MD, Jennifer Rickard MD, MPH, FACS, FCS(ECSA)

Gastrointestinal/Bariatric Surgery

  • Shelley Burton
    Associate Administrator
  • Inna Potapenko
    Associate Administrator
    Supporting: Daniel Leslie MD, Eric Wise MD

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery


  • Jessy Anderson
    Associate Administrator
    Supporting: Pranava Sinha, MD, Syed Mufrad Peer MD

Pediatric Surgery

  • Lisa Iverson
    Division Administrator
    Supporting: Robert Acton MD, Donavon Hess MD, PhD, Daniel A. Saltzman MD, PhD, Bradley Segura MD, PhD, Randi Lassiter MD

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

  • Chrissy Johnson
    Executive Office and Administrative Specialist
    Supporting: Marie-Claire Buckley MD, Umar Choudry MD, Thomas Suszynski MD

Surgical Oncology

  • Stephanie Woods
    Division Administrator
    Supporting: Jacob Ankeny MD, Maria Evasovich MD, Jane Hui MD, Eric Jensen MD, Christopher LaRocca MD, Todd Tuttle MD, Schelomo Marmor PhD, MPH
  • Loriene Hammond
    Global Health Programs Manager
    651-324-3898 (cell)

Thoracic & Foregut Surgery

  • Deidra Nutt
    Associate Administrator
    Supporting: Rafael Andrade MD, Amit Bhargava MD, Ilitch Diaz-Gutierrez MD, Madhuri Rao MD


  • Stephanie Taylor
    Division Administrator
    Supporting: Andrew Adams MD, PhD
  • Carissa Washington
    Program/Project Specialist
    Supporting: Srinath Chinnakotla MD, Erik Finger MD, PhD, Vanessa Humphreville MD
  • Carly Ryan
    Executive Office and Administrative Specialist
    Supporting: Karthik Ramanathan MD, Raja Kandaswamy MD, Arthur Matas MD, Timothy Pruett MD

Vascular Surgery

  • Shameka Gherau
    Associate Administrator
    Supporting: Amy B. Reed MD, R. James Valentine MD, Rumi Faizer MD

Basic & Translational Research

  • Kelli Tourand
    BTR Administrator
    Supporting: Julia Davydova MD, PhD, Mizuho Sato-Dahlman PhD, Christopher Staley PhD, Subbaya Subramanian PhD, Masato Yamamoto MD, PhD, David Rothenberger, MD, Beth Lusczek PhD

Experimental Surgical Services

  • Stefanie Yorek
    Institute Administrator
    Supporting: Richard Bianco, Guerard Byrne PhD, Christopher McGregor MD, FRCS

History of Medicine

  • Mary Thomas
    Supporting: Evan Roberts PhD, Jennifer Gunn PhD, Jole Shackelford PhD

Schulze Diabetes Institute

  • TBA
    Supporting: Sabarinathan Ramachandran PhD, Bernard Hering MD, Amar Singh PhD

Visible Heart Laboratories

  • Kara Heinle
    Lab Coordinator
  • Supporting: Paul Iaizzo, PhD

The University of Minnesota Medical Center, a Fairview division, is located on the corner of Harvard Street Southeast and East River Parkway on the University of Minnesota East Bank. It is easily accessible from virtually any point in the metro area, via Interstates I-94 and I-35W.

Directions from the North

Take I-35W south. Turn right onto Highway 280. Take the University Avenue exit; turn right at the second stoplight. Stay on University Avenue until it merges with Washington Avenue. Follow Washington to the left. Go three blocks and turn left on Oak Street. Turn right onto Delaware Street. The Patient/Visitor Parking Ramp will be on your right 1 1/2 blocks down Delaware Street between Harvard and Walnut streets. To drop off at the hospital and emergency entrances, continue on Delaware Street to Harvard Street. Turn left. The entrances face Harvard Street near the corner of Harvard and East River Parkway.

Directions from the East or West

Take I-94 (east or west) to the Huron Boulevard Exit. Turn left onto Fulton Street. Go three blocks and turn right onto Oak Street. Turn left onto Delaware Street. The Patient/Visitor Parking Ramp will be on your right 1 1/2 blocks down Delaware Street between Harvard and Walnut streets. To drop off at the hospital and emergency entrances, continue on Delaware Street to Harvard Street. Turn left. The entrances face Harvard Street near the corner of Harvard and East River Parkway.

Directions from the South

Take I-35W north to the Third Street/U of M exit. Then take the East Bank exit, which becomes Washington Avenue. Follow Washington to Harvard Street. Turn right onto Harvard Street. Turn left onto Delaware Street. The Patient/Visitor Parking Ramp will be on your left. To drop off at the hospital and emergency entrances, continue on Harvard Street. The entrances face Harvard Street near the corner of Harvard and East River Parkway.


Patient and visitor parking is available in the Patient/Visitor Ramp on Delaware Street between Harvard and Walnut Streets. For more information about parking, call 612-273-4665.

Patients and Visitors

Patients and visitors may park in the Patient/Visitor parking ramp on Delaware Street. Emergency department parking is also available near the ER entrance at the front of the hospital. All parking facilities include handicapped-designated spaces. Also, between the Malcolm Moos Tower and the Philips-Wangensteen Building, there are two parking spaces on Delaware Street designated for handicapped use. Wheelchairs are available in the clinic, hospital and ramp entrances. You may also ask staff at any information desk to call for a wheelchair.

Valet parking

To make parking more convenient for our patients and visitors, University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview offers valet parking on both campuses. Valets are available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Gold Parking Garage on the Riverside campus; 5:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the main hospital entrance on the University campus; and from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Phillips-Wangensteen Building entrance on the University campus.

Hourly parking rates

We offer a discounted parking rate to our patients and their guests. Remember to bring your parking ticket with you into the building. Clinic and hospital patient care unit staff will stamp your ticket to ensure the lower rate. There's no charge if you park in our facilities for fewer than 15 minutes. You will need to present your ticket to the parking attendant as you exit the parking facility. When there's no attendant on duty, please pay the auto cashier $4 in cash/quarters.

Weekly & Monthly Parking Passes

Patients and visitors planning to come to our hospital or clinics several times a week or month may wish to purchase a weekly or monthly parking pass. Parking passes are available for $24 weekly or $55 monthly. To purchase a parking pass, please visit one of our parking offices at:

University campus: B340 Mayo
Riverside campus: MB218 East Building
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. M-F
Phone: 612-273-PARK

Street parking/bike racks

Free and metered street parking is available around our facilities. Bike racks are also available in all of our parking ramps. Please call the Parking Office for more information.

Public Transit & More

Intercampus shuttle

We provide a shuttle service between our Riverside and University campuses from 5:20 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. See the shuttle schedule near the boarding locations on each campus. The shuttle picks up and drops off at the front entrance to Mayo Building connected to the hospital on the University campus and in the West circle entrance outside Subway restaurant on the Riverside campus.

City buses

Metro Transit bus service is available to our Riverside campus via route numbers 7 and 2, and to our University campus via route numbers 16, 50, 111, 113, 114, 115, and 152.

Airport Transportation

Super Shuttle offers shuttle services to and from our medical facilities and nearby hotels. For rates, schedules or to make a reservation call 612-827-7777; toll free is 800-BLUE-VAN (800-258-3826).


A number of taxicab services in St. Paul and Minneapolis serve the hospital. Direct telephone lines to some taxi services are located in the hospital lobbies.

Safety and Security

To ensure the safety of all who visit our facilities, security officers are on duty 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies and to escort patients to and from our parking facilities. Call 612-273-4544 if you wish to have an escort, and a security officer will meet you at your location.

Courtesy Cart

A heated, underground walkway connects the parking ramp to the clinics and hospital on our University campus. A motorized courtesy cart transports elderly and disabled patients from the ramp to their destinations from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.