MPhysician peers have nominated 17 LMP faculty for clinical excellence.

First row in photo above (l-r):

Oyedele Adeyi, Khalid Amin, Claudia Cohn, Patricia Ferrieri, Amy Karger

Second row (l-r):

Mahmoud Khalifa, Molly Klein, Michael Linden, Mark Luquette, David McKenna

Third row (l-r):

Paari Murugan, Andrew Nelson, Jimmie Stewart III, Sophia Yohe, Nicole Zantek

Not shown:

Betsy Hirsch, Anthony Killeen

In an email to these LMP faculty titled: “Congratulations! You Have Been Nominated By Your Peers,” MPhysicians Executive Medical Director Holly Boyer and CEO Bevan Yueh wrote:  “True clinical excellence is a standard to which many of us aspire, but it is hard to measure. Health systems typically use more easily defined metrics such as lengths of stay or rates of chart closures. While important, these measures may overlook those who deliver thorough, compassionate and outstanding care.  Yet, we all know who the outstanding clinicians in our practice are. Therefore, at the close of 2021, we sent out a call for our faculty to recognize the peers to whom they would send their own family members for care. I can think of no higher mark for clinical excellence than being recognized by your peers.”