A workshop series of interactive talks on ethical and cultural considerations of serving the underserverd for health professional students and resident physicians.

Funded by the University of Minnesota Medical School Class of 1966

This workshop series is based on the principles of The Brocher Declaration, as written by the Advocacy for Global Health Partnerships Consortium.

The following six principles are interwoven into the workshops and should guide all global health engagements:

1. Mutual partnership with bidirectional input and learning

2. Empowered host country and community define needs and activities

3. Sustainable programs and capacity building

4. Compliance with applicable laws, ethical standards, and code of conduct

5. Humility, cultural sensitivity, and respect for all involved

6. Accountability for actions

Event Details

January 19 - Feb 18, 2023

11:10am - 12:10pm
Dr. Joshua Rhein, MD

Dr. Rhein has a broad background in global health and infectious diseases, with specific focus on fungal infections and central nervous system infections in resource-limited areas. He currently splits his time between the University of Minnesota and the Infectious Disease Institute in Kampala, Uganda. As the Director of Training and Research for the University of Minnesota Health Sciences Uganda Hub since 2017, Dr. Rhein provides direct supervision and mentorship for UMN-affiliated trainees in Uganda. Dr. Rhein also serves as co-director of the new East African Clinical Tropical Medicine Course, a joint effort between the University of Minnesota, the Infectious Diseases Institute, and Makerere University.

Dr. Jennifer Rickard, MD, MPH

Dr. Rickard is an acute care surgeon at the University of Minnesota with a clinical focus on trauma, surgical critical care, and emergency general surgery. Her research interests include global health and surgical infections. Her global health work focuses on health system strengthening and surgical capacity development. She has been working in Rwanda with the Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program since 2012. Dr. Rickard spends six months of each year in Rwanda, splitting her time between clinical duties, helping expand the surgical training program at the University of Rwanda, and mentoring students and residents from multiple training programs at University Teaching Hospital of Kigali.

Dr. David Boulware, MD, MPH

Dr. Boulware is an infectious disease physician-scientist with formal training in clinical trials, public health, and tropical medicine. His primary research interests are in meningitis in resource-limited areas including diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and quality improvement initiatives incorporating cost-effectiveness analyses in order to translate knowledge into improved care. Dr. Boulware leads a multidisciplinary, international research team with active research collaborations with partners in Uganda, South Africa, Ethiopia, Brazil, Botswana, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. He now has over 300 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Todd Tuttle, MD, MS

Dr. Tuttle is the Vice Chair of the University of Minnesota Global Surgery & Disparities Program and the Regis Chair for Breast Cancer Research. He is a practicing surgical oncologist and regularly goes on surgical mission trips to Central and South America. Dr. Tuttle has been heavily involved in capacity building efforts across several low-and-middle-income countries. His research interests primarily include the outcomes from breast cancer treatment domestically and in Central America, surgical outcomes among Native Americans, and outcomes after cytoreductive surgery. He now has more than 150 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Rahel Nardos, MD, MCR

Dr. Nardos is an Associate Professor in the Division of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS) and also the Director of Global Women’s Health within the Center of Global Health and Social Responsibility. Her work focuses to supporting global and local partnerships that elevate the health of women in underserved communities through interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaborations that strengthen health systems through education, research, clinical care and community outreach. Dr. Nardos has helped create the first formal Urogynecology Fellowship program in Ethiopia. She is a recipient of the 2022 Bush Fellowship for her impactful work.

Dr. Shailey Prasad, MD, MPH

Dr. Prasad is the Executive Director and Carlson Chair of the University of Minnesota Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility and Associate Vice President for Global and Rural Health in the office of Academic Clinical Affairs.. He is a practicing family physician and has extensive experience working in underserved areas around the world, from forest tribes in southern India to rural Mississippi. He is a leader of the Advocacy for Global Health Partnerships coalition and is a co-author of the Brocher Declaration, which is a guiding policy for short-term global health engagements that is internationally utilized.

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