The Visible Heart® Laboratories of the Department of Surgery recently announced their sponsorship from Stratasys Ltd., a leader in polymer 3D printing solutions, with a donation of Stratasys J750™ Digital Anatomy™ 3D printers, as well as MakerBot METHOD X® and MakerBot SKETCH® 3D printers.

Led by Professor Paul A. Iaizzo, PhD, the Visible Heart Laboratories is a large research lab located at the University of Minnesota Medical School that supports medical research, student and physician education, and medical device product development and testing.

The Visible Heart Laboratories utilize Stratasys 3D printing technology for student and physician education as well as medical device research.

“The Visible Heart Laboratories are driven to train the next generation of medical device developers and provide them with the abilities to 3D print prototypes and/or virtually placed devices within real heart anatomies, as today these are considered essential skills,” said Dr. Iaizzo.

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