In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University Imaging Centers are continuing to provide status updates, and have implemented mandatory cleaning and safety protocols for all users using UIC resources. Please visit our sunrise safety protocols page to learn more 



Dear colleagues and valued users of the University Imaging Centers,

Due to the extended reduced usage and a significant reduction in subsidy, the University Imaging Centers (UIC) has no choice but to budget for a significant rate increase which will become effective on November 1, 2020.

We are making every effort to communicate this increase to all of our customers.

The UIC does not take price increases lightly. We understand the importance of the UIC providing cutting edge-services, staff, equipment, and techniques, but in order for the UIC to continue to operate these changes are necessary. While we have had nominal rate increases in the past, the dramatic negative impacts on usage and subsidy during the pandemic is the driving issue that must be addressed. In the period of the pandemic the UIC has and is targeted toward a deficit exceeding $500K that must be addressed. We have taken significant steps to reduce expenses and will continue to work to improve service everyday in order to provide you access to the best imaging instrumentation, training, and support available.

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions you might have about this pricing increase.

Each and every day we deeply thank you for your business and continued support. It is only with your support that we can reach our synergistic goals of being the best.

University of Minnesota Researchers

The University Imaging Centers (UIC) is open to investigators and projects of members of the University of Minnesota community as well as external users.

For more information on using our facilities and the associated policies, please read through our policy page.


For the purposes of funding and justification, it is important that if you use the University Imaging Centers services for any aspect of your research, teaching, or publication, you acknowledge those services as having been provided by the University Imaging Centers at the University of Minnesota and thanking the appropriate staff.

Example: Work was done using Instrument 'X' with the assistance of Staff 'Y' at the University of Minnesota - University Imaging Centers.

Please provide a copy of any publication for our files.

Light Microscopy

Instrument Categories
Unassisted Imaging
(UMN Rates)
Assisted Imaging
(UMN Rates)
Advanced Light Microscopy $55.00 / Hour $105.00 / Hour
Intermediate Light Microscopy $38.50 / Hour $88.50 / Hour
Basic Light Microscopy No Charge $50.00 / Hour
Molecular Biology Imaging $33.00 / Hour $83.00 / Hour
Live Cell Imaging See Below See Below
Sample Preparation $16.00 / Hour $66.00 / Hour
Category Inclusions:    
Advanced Light Microscopy: Intermediate Light Microscopy: Basic Light Microscopy:
  • Caliber I.D. RS-G4
  • Leica SP5 MP
  • Nikon A1si
  • Nikon A1R FLIM
  • Nikon A1RMP
  • Nikon A1Rsi
  • Olympus BX2
  • Olympus IX2 FLIM
  • Zeiss Spinning Disk
  • Zeiss TIRF (TIRF Mode).
  • Leica LMD 6500
  • Nikon AZ100 C1si
  • Nikon AZ100M
  • Nikon Eclipse 90i
  • Nikon TE2000 (SH)
  • Nikon TiE
  • Nikon C2
  • Panoptiq Imaging System
  • Zeiss Tiling & Widefield Imaging.
  • Leica MZ FL III
  • Nikon TE2000-U (CCRB)
  • Nikon SMZ1500
  • Zeiss Axioplan 2
Molecular Biology Imaging:  Live Cell Imaging: Sample Preparation:
  • Amersham 600UV
  • CareStream Gel Pro
    • Interested in using the CareStream? Please see UIC Staff.
  • Maestro
  • Typhoon
  • Nikon Biostation (CCRB & JH)
    • Biostation fee is $96.00 per 24 hours.
  • ONIX Microfluidic Perfusion Platform.
    • ONIX fee is $25.00 per 24 hours. (Additional fees for dish purchase. See UIC Staff)
  • Pelco Biowave Microwave (CCRB & SH)
  • Leica CM1800 Cryostat (SH)

Tissue Clearing & Imaging

Service Fee
(UMN Rates)
Clearing (1-6 Samples Per Run) $300.00 / Run
Clearing + Antibody Labeling (1-6 Samples Per Run) $450.00 / Run
Cleared Tissue Imaging (Performed by UIC Staff) $25 / Hour

Small Animal Imaging

Unassisted Imaging
(UMN Rates)
Assisted Imaging
(UMN Rates)
Bruker Xtreme $50.00 / Hour $100.00 / Hour
IVIS Spectrum $50.00 / Hour $100.00 / Hour
IVIS 100 $50.00 / Hour $100.00 / Hour
Vevo 2100 (JH & CCRB) $50.00 / Hour $100.00 / Hour

Electron Microscopy

Unassisted Imaging
(UMN Rates)
Assisted Imaging
(UMN Rates)
JEOL 1440 Plus TEM $85.00 / Hour $135.00 / Hour
Hitachi S3500N SEM $55.00 / Hour $105.00 / Hour
• SEM: Cryo
$67.25 / Hour $117.25 / Hour
Microtome $10.00 / Hour $60.00 / Hour
Sputter Coater $14.00 / Run
$14.00 / Run +
$50.00 / Hour
Critical Point Dryer $10.00 / Run
$10.00 / Run +
$50.00 / Hour


Service Fee
(UMN Rates)
TEM: Sample-to-Plastic $125.00 / Sample
TEM: Stained Thin Sections
(Price in addition to Sample-to-Plastic)
$35.00 / Sample

TEM: Negative Staining (Includes 30 minutes of imaging)*

*Additional samples, alternate processing methods, and/or additional scope time will incur addtional costs.

$75.00 / Sample
SEM: Sample to Coated Stub $125.00 / Sample
SEM: Sample Processing (Non Chemical Fixation) $75.00 / Sample
SEM: Cut, Dry, Mount, Coat $50.00 / Stub
Additional Staff Microtomy $65.00 / Hour
Immunogold Cytohistochemistry Technical Time $50.00 / Hour

Training, Technical Assistance, and Support

Service Fee
(UMN Rates)
Training (Flat Fee for up to 2 Users)* $100 / Instrument
Technical Assistance & Support $50 / Hour
Basic Light Microscopy Training $50 / Hour
Electron Microscopy Training & Technical Assistance $50 / Hour
Basic Light Microscopy and Electron Microscopy training are excluded from the flat training fee.
These categories are subject to hourly training fees. 

Brightfield Slide Scanning

Service Fee
(UMN Rates)
Brightfield Slide Scanning $15.00 / Slide

Output Services

Service Fee
(UMN Rates)
Poster Printing (Standard Paper) $6.00 / Sq. Ft.
Poster Printing (Photo Gloss) $7.25 / Sq. Ft.
Poster Printing (Cloth)
$8.50 / Sq. Ft.
3D Printing Contact Alex Cramer.
Thermal Camera
$5.00 / Hour or
$25.00 / Day