In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University Imaging Centers have implemented mandatory cleaning and safety protocols for all users using UIC resources. Please visit our sunrise safety protocols page to learn more 

iLab Account & Training

new user workflow

Step 1: Creating your UIC iLab Account

The first step towards using UIC resources is to create your iLab account. This account is required to reserve time as well as log into UIC instruments after you've been trained. 

  • All users must be trained by the UIC staff prior to the initial use of the instrument.

  • Users must observe the policies and sunrise safety protocols for using the facility.

  • There are fees for using the UIC resources.

  • Microscopes are available to trained users 24/7 with the following limits:

    • You will be billed for the maximum time between reserved time and actual logged time.

    • If your usage exceeds your reservation will be billed for the usage.

    • Should your reservation exceed your usage time charges still apply for the time you've blocked off on the calendar.

Step 2: Request Training

Once your iLab account has been set up the next step is towards accessing UIC instruments and services is to submit a training request.

The University Imaging Centers (UIC) is a fee-for-use facility open to investigators and projects of members of the University of Minnesota community as well as external users. All external users are subject to the UIC external rates. An External Sales agreement is required for all users outside the University of Minnesota.

UIC staff will reach out to discuss the project and details of the experiment and work with you to select an appropriate microscopic modality. In this way, everyone is fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses in the experimental design, and the UIC personnel can provide maximum methodological and instrumental support throughout the project. If necessary to increase the sophistication of experiments, formal collaboration between the UIC and the PI's laboratory is possible.

Step 3: Facility Access

  • All University Imaging Centers locations are access controlled with card readers.
  • Each trained user that requires access must have an authorized U Card.

Prior to being granted access, all users must be trained by UIC staff and complete all training and facility specific requirements.



The UIC CCRB 1-220 is general access to all Biomedical Discovery District (BDD) Labs. If your lab is located outside of the BDD and you wish to obtain access please follow the instructions below.

Required Training
Before filling out the RBMS building access form please complete the required training.
RBMS Access Form Instructions:
Once you have completed the required trainings please submit an RBMS student/employee access form. 
  1. Go to the RBMS Building Access Webpage.
  2. Click 'Employee/Student Access Form'
  3. Fill out the requested information. Please fill in the matching fields as outlined below.
    • Select your PI or Facility: UIC
    • Work Location(s): University Imaging Centers
    • Work Location(s) Primary Building: [CCRB] Cancer/Cardio Research Building
    • Office Phone: 612-626-6202
    • Lab Phone: 612-626-6202
    • Lab Room: 1-220
  4. After completing all required training and submitting your access form you must stop by the CCRB front info desk and show them your UCard for verification purposes.
  5. When the first four steps are completed please contact Alex Cramer. A final supervisor approval form will be submitted by UIC staff to Research Building Management Services to complete the access request process. Once all components have been submitted you should be granted access within 2-3 business days. Please confirm your access works before planning after hours imaging sessions. 

1-250/260 (IN VIVO & MICROPET/CT)

To access the UIC 1-250/260 In vivo imaging area you must complete IACUC training in addition to the RBMS requirements.

Required Training
RBMS Access Form Instructions:
  1. Download and fill out the request for access to restricted RAR animal housing areas form
  2. Send an email to, Attn: Becky Roland, and CC UIC staff Dr. Jason Mitchell. Once all components have been submitted you should be granted access within 2-3 business days. Please confirm your access works before planning after hours imaging sessions.


Please read all requirements before submitting your request.

  1. You are required to pass the on-line radiation safety and blood borne pathogen training modules before gaining access through the 5th floor skyway (not needed for UIC access only).
  2. Please go to Research Building Management Services Online Request Form(link is external) if your U Card has not been activated for either 717 Delaware, Jackson, MBB, MCB, NHH, or TRF/LRB and fill out the on-line access request.
  3. An audit is usually done once a year and you may be asked to verify access.
  4. If your card has been de-activated for no reason, go to one of the RBMS building info desks to have it re-activated.
  5. Please remember to notify UIC when you no longer need access or leave the U of M.
Please e-mail Guillermo Marques(link sends e-mail) the following information to request UIC access:
  • Your UMN internet ID (x.500)
  • Indicate if you have u-card access to 717 Delaware, CCRB, Jackson, MCB, NHH, TRF/LRB, or WMBB.
  • IACUC Protocol Number (if requesting access to the UIC Biosafety Area).
Indicate what access you need:
  • U-card access to UIC (Lab only)
  • U-card access through 5th floor skyway between Jackson and NHH for animal transport.
  • Key code access to UIC Biosafety Area (Animal In Vivo Imaging or Multiphoton Confocal)
    • Note: Remember to supply an IACUC protocol number for access to the UIC Biosafety Area. 
    • Supply a 4-6 digit number you would like to use for your key code.      
The process will take 1-3 days. Contact UIC Staff if you do not have access beyond that period.

UIC Jackson Hall Animal Transport Routes


The University Imaging Centers requires completion of the University’s Introduction to Research Safety and Chemical Safety training modules, as well as UIC-specific safety and equipment training, before granting access to its Snyder facility.  UIC staff will verify completion using internal records and university training transcripts.

Please note: at this time, access to UIC facilities does not guarantee staff availability. If you require assistance please coordinate with UIC staff.

Building Access: By submitting this form you are requesting access to the UIC Snyder Hall facility. If you also require Snyder building access through the Biological Sciences Center or Gortner Laboratory buildings please contact Ann Yetter.


Click here to submit a UIC Snyder Hall Access Request Form

Loss of Access

Access may be revoked for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to follow UIC policies.
  • Do not use the U Card within a year.
  • Leave the University.
  • Your P.I. requests it.
  • Change of P.I.

 If your U Card has been de-activated for one of the above reasons, you will need to request access again with all current information.