Electron Microscopy & Sample Preparation Services

Requesting Training and Services

If you are interested in gaining access to UIC resources or requesting services please follow the steps on our training and service request page.


The University Imaging Centers offer a range of sample preparation protocols for electron and light microscopy. We are primarily set up for chemical processing (conventional, low-temperature, and microwave-assisted) of biological materials including tissues and cell/particle suspensions, along with simple preparation and mounting of some physical materials. For standard SEM, samples can be chemically fixed, dried, mounted, and sputter-coated in-lab prior to observation. Specimens may also be embedded in resin, sectioned, and stained for light and/or transmission electron microscopy. Negative staining of particle suspensions for TEM is also available.


Serial Block-Face SEM

The UIC can prepare the samples and get them into the imaging queue at the Mayo Clinic Microscopy and Cell Analysis Core. We consult with each project, but the general workflow and protocols are available in PDF format below.  We provide all reagents and expertise to help towards a successful outcome.

  1. Processing tissue for serial block-face SEM
  2. Preparing and sending material for serial block-face SEM

Click here for more information on the UIC & Mayo Serial Block-Face SEM Minnesota Partnership.