Free Secondary Antibodies

The University Imaging Centers offer single vials of Thermo Fisher Scientific secondary antibodies (20 µl aliquots) for UIC users at no charge.

All the antibodies are derived in goat and available in anti-mouse, anti-rabbit, and anti-rat versions, directed to the whole IgG molecule , and are highly cross-absorbed. Trial volumes (20 µl aliquots) of secondaries are provided with excitation and emission spectra optimized and intended for use on UIC instruments.

Available Antibody Aliquot's

For more details, visit the Thermo Fisher Antibodies webpage.

Specificity Reference Dye
Mouse A-31553 Alexa 405
Mouse A-11029 Alexa 488
Mouse A-11031 Alexa 568
Mouse A-21236 Alexa 647
Rat   Alexa 405
Rat A-11006 Alexa 488
Rat A-21247 Alexa 647
Rabbit   Alexa 405
Rabbit A-11034 Alexa 488
Rabbit A-11036 Alexa 568
Rabbit A-21245 Alexa 647