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University Imaging Centers- Contact

General Inquiries

For general inquries about instrumentation, services, or projects please send a message at Once received, a member of the UIC team will followup to discuss your inquiry.

Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building (CCRB)

  • UMN Twin-Cities: East Bank Campus
  • City: Minneapolis
  • Physical Address: 1-220 Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building, 2231 6th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Jackson Hall (JH)

  • UMN Twin-Cities: East Bank Campus
  • City: Minneapolis 
  • Phone: 612-624-7938 
  • Physical Address: 1-151 Jackson Hall, 321 Church St. SE, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Snyder Hall (SH)

  • UMN Twin-Cities: St. Paul Campus
  • City: St. Paul
  • Phone: 612-624-3454
  • Physical Address: 23 Snyder Hall, 1475 Gortner Avenue, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN 55108

Program Director

Mark Sanders - Program Director

Dr. Mark Sanders

Provides leadership in the formulation, development and implementation of the University-wide shared multi-scale microscopy facility. Training and project consultation, fixed and live cell optical microcsopy and imaging from single cell to whole animal imaging, advanced optical techniques (MP, FRET, FRAP, FLIM, etc.); scanning and transmission electron microscopy; in vivo imaging; image analysis and reconstruction.

Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building

Scientific Director

Guillermo Marques - Scientific Director

Dr. Guillermo Marques

Consultation, training, fixed and live cell optical microcsopy, molecular biology, advanced optical techniques (FRET, FRAP, FLIM) and analysis planning.

Jackson Hall

Operations Manager

Alex Cramer - Operations Manager

Alex Cramer

Operations Manager, IT support, Reporting & Analytics, Poster Printing, 3D Printing, iLab Support, Accounting and Billing, Policy Inquiries, External Agreements.

Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building

MIBI & Spatialomics Lead


Grant Barthel

Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building

Imaging Specialist

Jason Mitchell

Dr. Jason Mitchell

Cell: 612-208-5898

Multi-photon Microscopy, Ultrasound, Live Animal Imaging.

Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building

Imaging Specialist

Mary Brown - Imaging Specialist

Dr. Mary Brown

Jackson Hall

EM Imaging Specialist


Dr. Gail Celio

Scanning and transmission electron microscopy and sample prep, immunogold, cryoEM.

Snyder Hall

IT Support

Gregg Amundson - IT Support

Gregg Amundson

IT Support, Poster Printing, Website

Jackson Hall

Imaging Specialist

Nadia Kane

Nadia Kane

Imaging specialist, Clearing

Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building

Imaging Specialist


Patrick Willey

Jackson Hall

Undergraduate Student Support

Laboratory and Output Service Support


Farha Sherief

Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building / Jackson Hall

EM Assistant


Yamlak Sinebo

Snyder Hall

UIC Alumni

John Oja


Pauline Mochama


Yung Kim

Cheryl Brandenburg

Ridwan Dahir

Doreen Humay

Shihab Ahmed