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50001 mounting medium

Ibidi Mounting Medium - 50001

A mounting medium that is optimized for fluorescence microscopy and ibidi µ-Slides and µ-Dishes

  • Ready-to-use in widefield fluorescence, confocal microscopy, and immunofluorescence assays
  • No autofluorescence – bright fluorescence signals
  • Dropper bottle for exact dispensing into channels or open wells
µ-Dish 35 mm, high ibiTreat

Micro-Dish 35 mm, high - 81156

A 35 mm imaging dish with an ibidi Polymer Coverslip Bottom, used in high-end microscopy and cell-based assays.

µ-Dish 35 mm Quad

Micro-Dish 35 mm, Quad - 80416

A 35 mm imaging dish with four compartments and the ibidi Polymer Coverslip Bottom—for simultaneous cellular assays and high-end microscopy.

Culture-Insert 2 Well in µ-Dish 35 mm

Culture-Insert 2 Well in Micro-Dish 35 mm - 81176

2 well silicone insert with a defined cell-free gap, suitable for wound healing, migration assays, 2D invasion assays, and co-cultivation of cells.

µ-Slide 8 Well

Micro-Slide 8 Well - 80826

A chambered coverslip with 8 wells for cell culture, immunofluorescence, and high-end microscopy.


Micro-Slide 4 Well - 80426

An open µ-Slide (chambered coverslip) with 4 wells for use in immunofluorescence and high-end microscopy.


Micro-Slide Angiogenesis - 81506

A µ-Slide used to investigate angiogenesis in tube formation assays. Also ideal for 3D cell culture and immunofluorescence staining.


Micro-Slide 18 Well - Flat - 81826

A µ-Slide with 18 wells for use in matrix tests and quick immunofluorescence stainings.


Micro-Plate 96 Well Black - 89626

A black 96 well plate with square wells and flat and clear bottom for high throughput applications in cell-based assays.

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