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Light Sheet Microscopes

Jackson Hall

3i cleared tissue Lightsheet microscope


Location: 2-168 Jackson Hall

Cleared Tissue LightSheet (CTLS) is a large field light-sheet microscope designed to image whole organs at high speed. CTLS creates a focused sheet with a narrow waist for better optical sectioning, then uses a spatial light modulator (SLM) to rapidly shift the waist of the sheet along the axis of propagation. A dual excitation setup allows imaging from the right and left sides of the specimen for optimal light-sheet projection throughout. Piezoelectric stages move the specimen in x, y, and z with sub-micron resolution. The result is clear: a 1 cm3 volume can be imaged at up to 1µm x 1µm x 3µm (XYZ) resolution. A cleared mouse brain can be imaged in as little as 1.5 hours at 25µm x 25µm x 25µm (XYZ).

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Magnification NA Correction Optic Properties Tube Length/Cover Glass Thickness Working Distance (mm)
1.5 0.37       30
5X 0.14 MPlan Apo   ∞/0 F=200
5X 0.14 Mituitoyo   ∞/0 F=200
  • The thickness of the sheet can range from 20µm to 2µm depending on the number of tiles. 
  • The sample moves to theoretically image samples just under 1cm3 in size.
  • 488nm
  • 561nm
  • Hammatsu Flash 4 v3