In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University Imaging Centers are continuing to provide status updates, and have implemented mandatory cleaning and safety protocols for all users using UIC resources. Please visit our sunrise safety protocols page to learn more 


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The IncuCyte Live-Cell Analysis System is a real-time cell monitoring and surveillance system that automatically captures and analyzes images of living cells around-the-clock for days, weeks, or months, while cells remain undisturbed inside a standard tissue culture incubator.

The IncuCyte S3 is used for monitoring cell health and viability, migration and invasion, plus a wide range of phenotypic cell-based assays. Kinetic, image-based measurements ensure you never miss a relevant response.

Using the UIC IncuCyte

The first step towards using UIC instrumentation is to submit a training request through the submission form on our training and workshops page