The University Imaging Centers is excited to announce the completed move and installation of the JEOL JEM-1400Plus transmission electron microscope at our Snyder Hall facility in Saint Paul.  This microscope features high resolution/high contrast imaging, outstanding S/TEM analytical performance, 3D tomography, and montaging.

The JEM-1400Plus is equipped as follows:
• 60-120 kV tungsten filament (supports LaB6 filaments)
• Windows-based graphic user interface
• Motorized stage for sample positioning, including image tiling
• Automated tomography tilt-series acquisition
• Bottom-mounted Advanced Microscopy Techniques XR16 camera.

Users already trained on the 1400Plus must coordinate with Dr. Gail Celio to schedule their first session in the new location.  Updated operation procedures will be discussed before the instrument can be used independently.  For researchers interested in training, we are developing remote training materials and modified in-person procedures to comply with the university’s Sunrise safety protocols.  In the meantime, the UIC continues to offer sample preparation, sectioning, and imaging services for researchers.  Please contact us at to discuss your project with our staff.

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