For our next installment in our FIJI webinar series, the UIC presents "Basic Segmentation with FIJI". The webinar requires participants to have fundamental experience with FIJI.

If you are a newcomer to FIJI, we urge you to review the slides in A Beginner's Guide to FIJI, parts 1 and 2. In "Basic Segmentation with FIJI," we'll cover thresholding, working with binary images, distance transforms, watershed segmentation, plus regional and extended maxima and minima. This presentation covers some of the features in the MorphoLibJ plugin, which can be installed by going to Help > Update > Manage update sites > scrolling to IJPB-plugins and checking the box on the left > Close > Apply changes > quit and restart FIJI.

For those who wish to delve in deeply, there is a detailed manual for MorphoLibJ which can be downloaded here under the documentation section. Dr. Mary Brown, Imaging Specialist for the UIC, will present this webinar on Feb. 24th at 12:30 PM via Zoom. We'll see you (virtually) then!