In conjunction with Research Ethics Week, the University Imaging Centers will be hosting a webinar on the Ethical Manipulation of Scientific Images.

  • Title: Ethical Manipulation of Scientific Images
  • Date & Time:Thursday, March 2, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Registration: RSVP for this presentation: Zoom Webinar Registration
  • Speaker: Guillermo Marques, Scientific Director, University Imaging Centers

Digital images are a key tool in biomedical research, allowing fast, unbiased, and reproducible quantification. At the same time, improper manipulations of digital images (accidental or intentional) are a serious threat to the rigor and reproducibility of scientific research. Furthermore, high-profile cases of fraudulent image manipulation seriously damage the public trust in scientific research. This presentation will cover the nature of a digital image, the basic dos and don'ts of digital image manipulation, and some strategies to ensure the integrity of scientific imaging data.

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