We are thrilled to share that Madhuri Rao, MD, FACS, assistant professor in the Division of Thoracic and Foregut Surgery, has been selected as a new International Committee Co-Chair for the Women in Thoracic Surgery (WTS)!

Dr. Rao's appointment is a testament to her dedication and expertise. The Department of Surgery is excited to have Dr. Rao contribute to the growth and success of our organization through this initiative.

In this important role, Dr. Rao will collaborate closely with WTS Officer Dr. Lorena Montes, whose dedication to the field has been exemplary. We are confident that the partnership will bring valuable insights and drive impactful initiatives within the Women in the Thoracic Surgery community. Dr. Rao will coordinate the creation of alliances with organizations, facilitate international collaborations, and work towards identifying the worldwide census of female cardiothoracic surgeons.

Congratulations, Dr. Rao, on your well-deserved appointment. We look forward to your positive impact in this new role.