The Randy Shaver Cancer Research and Community Fund's mission is to assist and support the cancer community in Minnesota by funding research, prevention, treatment, and other programs relating to the cancer community's principal needs. 

Each year, nonprofits and public entities with cutting-edge projects that will make a difference in Minnesota's cancer community are given the opportunity to apply for a grant from the organization. 

Grants given are then spent on technology and tools that enhance early detection of cancer, promising new programs that promote research that would help prevent cancer relapses, projects that demonstrate research in the area of cancer, and programs that enhance the lives of Minnesota's cancer community by providing aid and assistance. 

We are proud to share that four of our extraordinary Department of Surgery faculty have been recognized as beneficiaries of the 2023 grant. These recipients include:


  • Dr. Arsoniadis – Anal Cancer
    • SAVETHEBOTTOMS!!! Increasing Anal Cancer Awareness, Screening and Prevention Among Gay Men
  • Dr. Davydova - Pancreatic Cancer 
    • Toxicology Studies in support of Phase I Clinical Trial of Virus-Based Therapy and Imaging for Pancreatic Cancer
  • Dr. LaRocca - Colorectal Cancer 
    • Oncolytic Adenovirus Combination Therapies for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
  • Dr. Yamamoto – Pancreatic Cancer
    • Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer with the common cold virus (adenovirus)

Congratulations to each of you! We look forward to seeing the future impact of your efforts. 

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