The Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility held Global Health Day 2024: Shared Perspectives, Shared Solutions: Advancing Equity in Global Health on Thursday, April 18, so we reached out to Vice-Chair of Global Surgery and Disparities Program Dr. Todd Tuttle to share some of his insights on global health. 

Is there any Global Health work you're working on or have been a part of that you'd like to share more about?
Breast cancer advocacy work in Honduras: In February, I presented findings from our team's prospective multicenter cohort study, "Mujeres Avanzando a la Sobrevida (MAS): Women Going Forward in Survival" to the Honduran congress and the Ministries of Health and Women. The study evaluated breast cancer characteristics, treatment, and outcomes in Honduras. We uncovered vital insights into diagnosis and treatment delays. Findings are being used to guide proposed solutions, including the training and education of local providers, establishing diagnostic centers, reducing barriers to their access, as well as a nationwide breast cancer education campaign.

What is something valuable you've learned from working with global partners?
Impacting surgical health systems in limited-resourced countries such as Honduras and Uganda takes time and patience. Many factors hinder advocacy progress, including ongoing political and economic instability. Fostering sustainable community partnerships are imperative to the long-term goal of shaping a country's attention and resources for surgical care.

Why would you recommend someone get involved with the Global Surgery & Disparities Program (UMGSD)?
Global surgery is indispensable in the achievement of human health and well-being. Everyone deserves access to safe and affordable surgical and anesthesia care, regardless of where you are in the world. Our program directly impacts inequities through collaborative partnerships that foster research, education, advocacy and training to support and increase surgical capacity in limited-resource settings. UMGSD offers educational opportunities for residents, fellows and medical students who are interested in pursuing international work. We invite you to partner with us if you'd like to get involved.