Professor in the Division of Transplantation and Surgical Director of the Liver Transplant Program, Dr. Srinath Chinnakotla, and Associate Professor in the Division of Transplantation and Director of Living Kidney Donation, Dr. Vanessa Humphreville, speak with KMSP about kidney transplants and their roles in helping 'Miracle Michael' beat the odds. 

"What’s super important for these kiddos their first transplant lasts them the longest. One of the ways we do that, we match them immunologically. It just so happens to work out that Michael and Brian were super closely matched, what we call a zero eplet. So we do think this kidney should last him a long time," says Dr. Humphreville. "I think the average is 15-20 years. With this next generation of eplet matching, I would hope this would last closer to 25-30 years."

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