Division of Gastrointestinal/Bariatric Surgery Professor, Archana Ramaswamy, MD, MBA, announced that she is transitioning to become the new Chief of Surgery at the Loma Linda Veterans Administration Hospital in Loma Linda, California, this month.

Dr. Ramaswamy has also been an essential member of the Department's Surgical Education Office and held many key positions. As the Undergraduate Medical in Education (UME) Surgery Clerkship Director, her leadership was integral during COVID-19 and the clerkship redesigns. She was steadfast at holding end-of-clerkship debriefing sessions with medical students, focused on receiving feedback to better the surgery clerkship experience.

Dr. Ramaswamy was awarded the resident-elected 2022 Wangensteen Faculty of the Year Award, demonstrating her deep impact on every trainee who crossed her path. She was an advocate for students and residents and will be deeply missed as a key leader at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

In light of Dr. Ramaswamy's recent departure, the Surgical Education Office would like to announce Dr. Randi Lassiter as the new UME Surgery Clerkship Director. Dr. Lassiter is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Pediatric Surgery. She has a strong interest in medical education, and we look forward to her partnership in providing superb surgery education experiences for our 3rd and 4th-year medical students!