Department of Surgery researchers have published a retrospective descriptive observational study aimed to analyze trends in skiing and snowboarding related facial trauma.

The nationwide study was authored by Adjunct Professor, Dr. Warren Schubert with Dr. Vedant Borad, a recent Plastic Surgery resident and current medical student, Tom Sorenson. 

The study looked at skiing and snowboarding related facial injuries between 2010 and 2019, where a total of 361 were reported to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System.

Lacerations were the most common injury reported, with 45.7%, and facial fractures occurring at 21.6%. With the facial fracture, the most common was the nose, 48.7%, then orbit, 21.8%, and mandible, 19.2%. The conclusions of the study found that although uncommon, facial injuries to skiers and snowboarders are still occurring and are harmful. Sorenson, Board, and Schubert found that helmet manufacturers should increase the protection to areas on the nose, orbit, and mandible when creating new sports wear to help with prevention of these injuries.