How can I improve my teaching?

Each resource listed below is a simple, evidence based best practice with a history of successful use by universities. Every tool link below uses an intuitive tabbed interface allowing you to easily explore why it works, how to implement it and watch video exemplars with strategies and review research supporting the practice. Use these proven, low-risk instructional practices for these outcomes:

  • Increasing student engagement and attendance
  • Improving personal instructional satisfaction and effectiveness
  • Integrating "active learning" instruction with improved content mastery


Principles and Strategies in Evidence-Based Medical Education

This document is a useful introduction to the underlying educational principles utilized in our resources below. It's a concise, thorough summary of the evidence based educational research supporting them. We highly encourage visitors to our site to review this document to better understand and utilize the resources offered here.  

think pair

A 3-4 minute reflection, discussion and sharing tool for active learning

Visual Learning

Help students visually organize important course content and knowledge relationships


Taking quick measures of your student's comprehension to improve learning

quick writing

Use brief narrative writing checks to consolidate knowledge



A cooperative learning activity where student groups work together to build knowledge


Muddiest Point

This learning activity asks students to identify the most confusing point in a lesson.


 Draw Structures From Memory 

Ask students to recall a biological structure from memory.