Medical Student Scholastic Standing Committee (MSSSC)

The responsibilities of the Medical School Scholastic Standing Committee (MSSSC) include:

  • ensuring that all students pursuing an MD degree maintain an acceptable rate of academic progress toward the completion of the degree and meet the expected academic and professional standards of the Medical School;
  • reviewing and addressing academic progress data by race/ethnicity and gender to identify disparate outcomes;
  • developing and reviewing Medical School policies regarding medical student academic and professional performance and ensuring compliance with approved policies;
  • ensuring consistent outcomes across all campuses and programs.

Committee Chair: William Robiner, PhD, ABPP, LP, Professor, Department of Medicine

Committee Members:

Committee Meeting Frequency and Details: Monthly within 7 days of the decisions of the subcommittees

MSSSC Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Contact for further information: Nou Ka Yang,