Recruitment and Retention Toolkits

At A Glance

  1. Promoting a Diverse Faculty: Search Process Toolkit
  2. Best Practices for Interviewing Faculty Members and Leadership Position Candidates Toolkit
  3. Faculty Exit interviews Toolkit
  4. Retaining a Diverse Faculty: Toolkit for prospective and acute retention efforts. 

The Medical School seeks to attain a diverse learning environment through the recruitment of faculty who are underrepresented in medicine and may also be underrepresented in Minnesota. Recruiting and retaining diverse faculty members is critical to create the intellectual and inclusive environment necessary to fulfill our research, teaching and clinical missions. With a diversity of viewpoints and identities within our departments, the Medical School is better positioned to address the next generation of challenges in medicine and continue its commitment to teaching and caring for our increasingly diverse population. 

The Search Process Toolkit is provided to assist departments with best practices for hiring a diverse and inclusive faculty within the University of Minnesota Medical School (Twin Cities and Duluth campuses). You can also find a search process summary to provide to search committee members.

The Interview Process Toolkit contains resources and recommendations to assist departments with best practices for interviewing faculty members and leadership position candidates within the Medical School. Strong interviewing experiences provide candidates with multiple opportunities to showcase their unique strengths and potential contributions to the institution.

The purposes of the exit interview toolkit is to identify workplace, organizational or human resource factors that have contributed to a faculty member’s decision to leave; to enable the Medical School to identify any trends requiring attention or any opportunities for improving response to faculty issues; and to allow continued improvement and development of recruitment and retention strategies aimed at addressing these issues. 

The purpose of the strategies and recommendations in the Retention Toolkit is to provide department heads and administrative leaders best practices for successful retention of faculty members and tools for responding to immediate retention situations.

While retention of all faculty is important, it is critical that departments monitor and prepare for the retention of URM faculty and women faculty members for whom cumulative microaggressions, inequities in pay and access to leadership opportunities, and explicit/implicit bias threaten career advancement and retention.