Please Review the New Draft Constitution and Bylaws

The new constitution and bylaws will be presented to the faculty assembly scheduled May 19, 2021. The faculty vote will happen immediately after the faculty assembly, and will be open for 15 days.

Notice: Special Faculty Assembly April 9, 2021

Amendment to Current Constitution: Approved

Executive Vice President and Provost Croson has approved the Medical School's proposed amendment to the current constitution. The revised version will be posted soon on the University Policy Library’s College Constitutions and Bylaws page, which hosts the official copies of the college constitutions.

Annual Faculty Assembly May 19, 2021

Faculty Assembly 2021

The Faculty Assembly is an integral part of the Medical School. It opens doors for faculty to be engaged in its diverse affairs. Through the Faculty Assembly, faculty work collectively to pursue excellence and achieve the Medical School’s mission: to enhance the health of people by educating skilled, compassionate and socially responsible physicians.

The Faculty Assembly is responsible for all academic affairs and internal policies of the Medical School, including entrance requirements, curricula, instruction, examinations, grading, degrees and disciplinary matters not within the jurisdiction of the All-University Disciplinary Committee.

Meeting at least once a year, the Faculty Assembly also receives reports and recommendations from the various councils and committees established in the Medical School’s Constitution and Bylaws.

View the 2021 program agenda here

2018 Faculty Assembly & Vote

Faculty Advisory Council

A subset of faculty serves on the Faculty Advisory Council. It advises the dean—frequently and often on short notice—on strategic planning, short and long-term goals, Medical School programs and more.

Members of the council are Medical School faculty members from the Twin Cities and Duluth campuses who were elected by their peers to the All-University Senate. Currently, more than 40 faculty from across the Medical School and its affiliates serve on the council.

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