Works is an online faculty activity reporting system for recording ongoing activities and accomplishments, such as teaching, research, service, awards, and public and international engagement. The Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) worked closely with the University of Minnesota Executive Vice President and Provost’s Office to customize the Medical School curriculum vitae template within the Works system.

The Executive Vice President and Provost’s Office encourages faculty members to use Works for easy annual activity reporting and CV generation. This system seeks to reduce frustrations with reporting professional activities by automatically drawing some activities from University systems. Particularly, faculty have found Works to be a useful tool for promotion as it can automatically generate a CV in the Medical School format.

Works Access Request Form

Faculty Annual Review Process Training

Medical School–specific training with the Executive Vice President and Provost’s Office is available for faculty and staff, offered multiple times throughout the year. Trainings focus on how to finalize information entered into Works so it will appear correctly on the Medical School CV, as well as how to enter annual activity for the annual review process.

The Medical School is moving the annual review form (formerly the Summary of Annual Faculty Evaluation [SAFE] form) into Works, the University’s online faculty reporting system. The Works system will automatically route the new annual review form to faculty members, division directors (as applicable) and department heads. This new workflow process will go live on Dec. 7.

Faculty will enter annual activities on a calendar year basis. The timeline for submission will depend on your departmental annual review processes and schedules.

Why Are We Doing This?

Moving the annual review process into the Works system will have many positive outcomes, including reducing faculty and administrative staff time and effort in documenting, emailing, and collecting individual review forms from faculty members each year.

Faculty will have one place to enter this information on an annual basis. Once the annual review has been completed, the forms will be available to department heads and the Office of Faculty Affairs, eliminating the need to collect/share reports manually, as in previous years.

Four simple steps:

  1. Enter annual activities in
  2. Review your annual activity report
  3. Submit your annual activity report for review
  4. Acknowledge receipt of the completed review

Review more detailed instructions on how to complete your annual review.

View a video to review the process for entering information into the Works system

Works Training Recordings

Works Community of Practice (CoP)

The OFA created a Community of Practice (CoP) for staff members in the Medical School working within the Works system. The purpose of the CoP is to share information, best practices, training materials, and resources between staff members. The group will meet quarterly. if you would like to join the Works Community of Practice email us at

CV Resources

Medical School CV Template

Works CV Resources

Downloading Medical School CV in Works

  • Click “Rapid Reports”

  • Select “CV - University of Minnesota Medical School”

  • For the start date, select the earliest year (1925). For the end date, select the latest year (2025).

  • Click “Run Report”

Finalizing Your CV

Note that there will likely be some variation between how we convert the CV and how you believe it should be reflected in your CV generated by Works. To provide conversion services to as many faculty members as possible, we ask that you work directly with your department contact to finalize details in the Works system. The Works team offers substantial guides and training to help you become familiar with the system.

Fortunately, updating entries is intuitive and user-friendly. We highly encourage faculty members to finalize their information to become familiar with the system. The Works team offers training sessions and materials. Medical School–specific programming will be communicated on the OFA website and through our weekly update.

Questions and Comments

  • For questions about CV conversion, the Medical School CV template, or your departmental annual review process: OFA at

  • For questions about Works access and technical system questions: