Global Health Ethics Course

Global Health Ethics (GHSR 6725) is an on-campus course taught by Dr. Shailey Prasad, director of CGHSR, which examines the current state of global health and the ethical frameworks that need to be considered in global health engagements.

Using a seminar-based model, this course explores various ethical frameworks including development ethics, public health ethics, religion and ethics, and biomedical ethics. Students engage in discussions on ethical issues in global health engagements, pandemics, disasters, and global aid, and apply their understanding of ethical frameworks to case-based analysis.

Fall 2023 registration is now open. More information on eligibility and requirements is available on the Global Health Ethics page.

Obstetric Fistula: A Window into Disparities in Women’s Health & A Call for Reimagining Global Health Engagements
with Rahel Nardos, MD, MCR, FPMRS
Dr. Nardos discusses the state of maternal health globally using obstetric fistula as a window into the vast inequities in maternal outcomes. She highlights the structural and social determinants of disparities in maternal health and puts forth a call to action for impactful engagement. WATCH NOW

Global Surgery & Disparities Program Monthly Forum
with Mary Owen, MD

Dr. Owen is a member of the Tlingit Nation, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine & Biobehavioral Health, and the Director of the Center of American Indian and Minority Health at the University of Minnesota Medical School in Duluth. Her work includes outreach to local and national Native leaders to ensure University of Minnesota Medical School remains in tune with American Indian & Alaska Native (AI/AN) health care and education needs. During this webinar, she will offer insights into building bilateral, sustainable relationships with community partners. WATCH NOW

Journal Club - Capacity Building in Global Health

We reviewed the article by our very own Dr. Nardos et al as an example of capacity building projects in global health. We discussed both the specific example of expanding the availability of Obstetrics and Gynecology subspecialty training in low and middle income countries, but also more broadly of how to build long term relationships in global health that promote capacity building and infrastructure.

Journal Club - Social and Structural determinants of health

Dr. Tsagenesh Selameab of HealthPartners and Dr. Rahel Nardos co-led this discussion. Participants reviewed the cases and drew from their own practices to identify structural causes of health inequality and how to identify barriers to care in their practices. Strategies for more equitable counseling and identification of health inequities were reviewed. 

Global Surgery & Disparities Program Monthly Forum
with Rahel Ghebre, MD, MPH

During this webinar, Dr. Rahel Ghebre discusses her ongoing work in sub-Saharan Africa as part of the Global Surgery & Disparities Program Monthly Forum series. Forums are open to the public and feature a rotating slate of guest presenters who share their expertise as it relates to the four main objectives of our program. WATCH NOW

An Interconnected World: A Profile of Dr. Rahel Nardos
by Gao Vang

As an expert in urogynecology, Nardos has helped many women with pelvic floor injuries and disorders. Along the way, she discovered that including an array of expertise in health care efforts led to better outcomes. READ MORE