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General U.S. regulations governing contracts and grants with the Federal Government

  • Circular A-21 - Cost Principles for Educational Institutions
  • Circular A-110 - Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Agreements with Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, and Other Non-Profit Organizations

Research Compliance

Training requirements will depend on your role in the Department. To determine your training requirements, contact the Department Safety Coordinator, listed on the side bar.

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Training Records and Modules

You can access your training records using the "MyU" website. There are two locations you should check, as each of these locations may track different training modules you have completed. First, under the "Key Links" tab, select the "Training Hub" section and click the "My Training" button. This will give a list of training modules completed using the Training Hub. Second, under the "Key Links" tab, select "Reporting Center", then inside the "Human Resource Management" window, select "Human Resources" and then click on "Training History" (at the bottom of the list). A window will open asking for your employee ID, enter your ID and a new window will open up. Select "Completed" and hit submit. You can download this report as an excel file or PDF file. Note: For all training it is highly recommended that you keep a copy of course completion and send a copy to the Department Safety Coordinator. 

In general, training modules are available at the following websites: https://www.uhs.umn.edu/university-health-safety-uhs/training and https://training.umn.edu/

To access specific training requirements, use the resources listed below.

Lab Training Requirements: Bloodborne Pathogens, Chemical Safety, Hazardous Waste, Biological Waste, and other modules

To access all training modules required for working in a research laboratory environment, visit the following webpage: https://www.uhs.umn.edu/new-lab

Many of these training requirements will also require annual refresher courses. Contact the Department Safety Coordinator for information on what courses must be completed every year.

Human Subjects, HIPAA, Responsible Conduct of Research, CITI training

Human subjects, HIPAA and Responsible Conduct of Research training is required for all members of the Department. To complete these training requirements visit the following website: https://research.umn.edu/units/irb/education-training/required-training


Radiation Safety Orientation
All University of Minnesota faculty, staff, and students that wish to have unescorted access to areas that are designated for radioactive material use, or storage, must complete this Radiation Safety Orientation.

How often is this training required?

Classroom Option
Not available

On-Line Option
Go to:
and follow the instructions for training (login required)

Online training recorded in PeopleSoft.


How often is this training required?

Classroom Option
Call the Biosafety Officer at 612-624-5479

On-Line Option
Not available

Recorded by DEHS; in addition, a training form signed by classroom instructor, should also be submitted to Departmental Safety Coordinator (MMC 395). Keep a copy for your records.


If you will be working with laboratory animals you will need to complete multiple training modules depending on the animals and the work you will be doing.  To determine the modules you must complete and access the training, go to the following website: https://research.umn.edu/units/iacuc/training-education/mandatory-training


If you will be using controlled substances in your research, you must complete the controlled substances training module. To access the training module, go to the following webpage: https://dehs.umn.edu/controlled-substances-research


Safety Coordinator

Mihir Shetty
Assistant Scientist
12-147 Moos Tower
Mayo Mail Code 395
Phone: (612) 626-3843

Use of Controlled Substances

Contact: Raghu Rao

HIPAA/Privacy Coordinator

Susan Hauber
#353-41, 717 Delaware St SE
1932K (Campus Delivery Code)
Phone: (612) 624-4681
Fax: (612) 624-8441