Active Research


The Department of OB/GYN is actively working on research projects to better how the medical field can improve women’s care.


The Women's Health Specialists Division is working on research projects involving Obstetrics, Gynecology, and health issues for women of all ages.

Faculty and their Research:

Christy Boraas, MD

Suzanne Darnell, MD

Rebecca French, MD

Samantha Hoffman, MD

Sarah Hutto, MD

Karin Larsen, PhD

Mary Pukite, MD

Jessika Ralph, MD

Carrie Terrell, MD


The Urogynecology Division is focused on reconstruction and treatment for women with incontinence or pelvic floor disorders.

Faculty and their Research:

John Fischer, MD

Rahel Nardos, MD, MS

Highlighted Research

Cresta Jones

Cresta Jones, MD, FACOG

Associate Professor, Maternal Fetal Medicine

Dr. Jones is taking part in a multi-site research initiative comparing opioid prescribing practices at discharge after vaginal or cesarean delivery. She hopes this work will shed light on regional differences in prescribing patterns, allowing best practices regarding opioid prescribing to be implemented.


Samantha Hoffman, MD

Assistant Professor, OB/GYN

Dr. Hoffman is currently leading a clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of Vitamin D supplementation in the prevention of gestational diabetes. The results of this work could guide physicians to better care for patients who are at high risk for developing this pregnancy complication.

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