Cancer Biology Researchers

Amy Skubitz, PhD
Director, OCEDP


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Kristin Boylan, PhD
Assistant Director, OCEDP


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UMN Collaborators

Peter Argenta, MD
Associate Professor, Division of Gynecologic Oncology

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Martina Bazzaro, PhD
Associate Professor


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Qing Cao
Senior Research Fellow, BDAC


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Martin Felices, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

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Melissa Geller, MD, MS
Professor and Division Director, Gynecologic Oncology


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Samantha Hoffman, MD
Assistant Professor


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Joseph Koopmeiners, PhD
Professor and Division Head


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Todd Markowski


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James McCarthy, PhD
Professor and Chairman's Fund Professorship in Cancer Research


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Sally Mullany, MD
Assistant Professor

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David Odde, PhD


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Ashley Petersen, PhD
Assistant Professor


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Mark Sanders
Program Director


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Tim Starr, PhD
Associate Professor


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Stefani Thomas, PhD
Assistant Professor


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Daniel Vallera, PhD
Professor of Therapeutic Radiology-Radiation Oncology

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Jianping Wang


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Guillermo Marques, PhD
Research Project Specialist


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External Collaborators

Robert C. Bast, Jr., MD, and Karen Lu, MD
MD Anderson Cancer Center, Univ of TX, Houston 

Ugo Cavallaro, PhD
IRCCS Istituto Europeo di Oncologia S.r.l. in Milan Italy

Denise Connolly, PhD
Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA

Kevin Elias, MD and Daniel Cramer, MD, ScD
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School

Tanja Pejovic, MD, PhD
Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR

Nasrin Perskvist, PhD
Director of Clinical Cytology Biobank, Coordinator of National Cytology Biobank, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

Karin Rodland, PhD, Paul Piehowski, PhD, and Tao Liu, PhD
Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, Richland, WA

Previous Researchers

Post-doctoral Fellows:

  • Somi Afiuni, Ph.D.
  • Petra Buchanan, Ph.D.
  • Rachael Casey, Ph.D.
  • Khashayar Lessan, Ph.D.

Graduate Students:

  • Kathryn Burleson, Ph.D.
    Thesis entitled, “Determination of the metastatic potential of ovarian carcinoma spheroids”
  • Melissa DeRycke, Ph.D.
    Thesis entitled, “S100A1 and nectin 4 biomarkers in ovarian cancer”
  • Kate Hibbs, M.S.
    Thesis entitled, “Gene expression profiles of ovarian carcinoma: A search for unique tumor protein markers”
  • Yi-Ju Hung, M.S.
    Thesis entitled, “Identification of the cell surface molecules involved in the adhesion of ovarian carcinoma cells to endothelial cells”
  • Anna Rogers, M.S.
    Thesis entitled, "Optimization of mass spectrometry-based proteomic identification of ovarian cancer biomarkers from residual Pap test fixative"
  • Jeannine Thiele, M.S.
    Thesis entitled, “Identification of genes up-regulated in ovarian cancer by large-scale gene expression analysis”

Medical Students:

  • Dip Shukla, B.S.
    Project entitled, “Knockout of Nectin-4 expression in ovarian cancer cell lines with CRISPRs”
  • Kate Geschwind, B.S.
    Project entitled, “Identification of ovarian cancer biomarkers in serum samples using Proseek® plates”                       

Undergraduate Students:

  • Daniel Beacher
  • Craig Benson
  • Madelyn Blake
  • Stefanie Bradford
  • Kelly Braumberger
  • Cody Bruggemeyer
  • Carlye Burd
  • Jacqueline Byrne
  • Adam Chanthakeo
  • Christine Fink
  • Allyssa Freeman
  • Katherine Harrington
  • Jessica Hermanson
  • Resa Jones
  • Kimberly Koch
  • Stephanie Kroon
  • Jennifer Lang
  • Risha Mathur
  • Adam Meyer
  • Benjamin Misemer
  • Laura Ruff
  • Ines Sauer
  • Heena Shah
  • Sarah Trehey
  • Feifei Xue

Summer Undergraduate Students:

  • Natalie Bott
  • Stephanie Fuchs
  • Kayla Hickey

High School Students

  • Kelsey Koch

Research Technicians:

  • John Anderson, B.S.
  • Rory Manion, B.S.
  • Alan Zimmerman, B.S.