Join us in observing the 7th annual Black Maternal Health Week 2024

Held annually on April 11-17th, Black Maternal Health Week (BMHW) is a week-long campaign founded and led by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance​ (BMMA) to build awareness, activism, and community-building​ to amplify ​the voices, perspectives and lived experiences of Black Mamas and birthing people.

This year's official theme for Black Maternal Health Week 2024 (#BMHW24) is: "Our Bodies STILL Belong to Us: Reproductive Justice NOW!" Widespread restrictions on abortion care access coupled with rising cases of criminalization due to pregnancy loss continue to widen the gaps of adverse maternal and birth outcomes among states in the U.S. Many of these states have the worst maternal and child health outcomes with the least supportive social welfare and family support programs, particularly for Black women and birthing people. The time is NOW to demand comprehensive insurance for maternal, sexual, and reproductive health; improve access to care; guide healthcare entities on equitable, quality care; and fund research prioritizing ALL Black women, Black Mamas and Black Birthing People, as fully described in BMMA's comprehensive Policy Agenda

BMMA continues to highlight and center culturally congruent practices with a focus on Black Midwifery care and full-spectrum Black-led Doula care as sound, evidence-based solutions. Most importantly, these are practices and solutions that incorporate the true needs, wants, and desires of Black women and birthing people. 

The Black Mamas Matter Alliance is a national network of Black women-led organizations and multi-disciplinary professionals who work to ensure that all Black Mamas have the rights, respect, and resources to thrive before, during, and after pregnancy. BMMA honors the work and historical contributions of Black women’s leadership within their communities, and values the need to amplify this work on a national scale. 

Thank you for joining us in observing the 7th annual Black Maternal Health Week 2024 (#BMHW24). Founded by BMMA, Black Maternal Health Week is a week of awareness, activism, and community-building aimed at amplifying the voices of Black Mamas, bringing visibility to Black-led maternal health initiatives, and centering the values and traditions of the reproductive and birth justice movements.


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