As a Department, we are continually evolving to advance scientific discovery. This is our responsibility as an academic surgical Department. The significant accomplishments across health informatics, translational, clinical, and educational exploration have resulted in a significant milestone, moving from #28 to #13 in the National Institute of Health NIH Blue Ridge Ranking. This progress is made from your collective efforts. Together we have invested in a vision for the future, embracing a mindset of diligence and discipline. Let us use this momentum to continue the dialog as to how we can align our resources and efforts to transform surgical care. 

Let us remember to thank our support teams, including our administrators, staff, and Surgical Research Support Services, who have been instrumental in ensuring that we have the operational expertise needed to facilitate processes leading to successful grant applications and outcomes. The success of our research programs is inextricably linked to our clinical efforts in the service of our patients across our 11 clinical divisions. 

We are grateful for the Medical School leadership, including those from our Department who serves as Associate Deans. During the past five years, Dean Tolar has led efforts to fulfill the goal of the Medical School to elevate our Blue Ridge Ranking by moving up 13 spots. We also honor the research operations of Vice Dean of Research Dr. Timothy Schacker and his core support team that have made it possible. As a Medical School, we reached #21 of the most funded Medical Schools in the country, with over $340M in funding from the National Institute of Health.

We celebrate your constant curiosity and drive for excellence. We are blessed to have each of you in our DoS community! 

As always, it is an honor to serve you.


Sayeed Ikramuddin, MD, MHA

Chair, Department of Surgery

Jay Phillips Professor

2022 Blue Ridge Ranking Surgery