Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine

The Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine is the largest academic program in the upper Midwest region. The program is designed to deliver the highest quality, evidence-based care as part of a collaborative team to women experiencing high risk pregnancies, while also providing an immersive learning experience for medical students, residents and fellows in the department. With numerous outreach clinics and telemedicine services, the MFM division provides care for patients throughout the region. Our board-certified faculty physicians are nationally recognized in their fields of interest including education, quality and safety, reproductive infectious diseases, substance abuse in pregnancy and many others.


EducationOur faculty members are driven by the mission to teach and mentor medical students, residents and fellows and by their commitment to advance knowledge and improve care for women experiencing high-risk pregnancies. For graduates considering a career in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, we offer a variety of educational opportunities within the division. Resident experiences include ambulatory and inpatient care, management of maternal medical conditions, prenatally diagnosed fetal conditions, diagnostic ultrasounds, and prenatal genetics. Our ACGME accredited Fellowship, and ABOG-certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine Program is a three-year program designed to train physicians who have completed residency in obstetrics and gynecology. This program includes clinical rotations in the ICU, on the MFM ultrasound unit, in labor and delivery (in a supervisor role) and protected research time.

Patient Care

Patient CareWhen women are experiencing pregnancy problems, whether maternal or fetal in origin, our MFM specialists bring their expertise to provide the highest level of care for these women and their unborn babies. Our compassionate and caring interdisciplinary approach means that all our staff take the time to listen to your concerns, and fully explain your condition and treatment options. Our physicians regularly collaborate with other sub-specialists, such as cardiologists, radiologists, neonatologists, surgeons, social workers and more, to provide comprehensive patient care. Your care team is assembled for you specifically, based on your specific diagnosis and care plan, so you have a unique team of experts and caregivers to ensure the best possible outcome.

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Faculty in the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine are active in both clinical, transitional and education-based research including pre-eclampsia, fetal monitoring, placental function, opioids in pregnancy, cytomegalovirus, amniotic membrane evaluation, curriculum development, clinical trials and practice improvement/patient safety. Research in MFM is important in refining best care practices for women with high risk pregnancies, and for the discovery of new advancements within the subspecialty.