Each year, Minnesota Monthly asks licensed physicians in Minnesota one question, if you or a loved one needed medical care, which doctor would you recommend?
Their answers go on to create the annual list of Minnesota’s Top Doctors.

The Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health is proud to congratulate the 21 faculty members who have been recognized. 

Peter Argenta, MD (Gynecologic Oncology); Christy Boraas, MD, MPH (OB/GYN); Stephen Contag, MD (Maternal-Fetal Medicine); Sarah Cross, MD (Maternal-Fetal Medicine); Suzanne Darnell, MD (OB/GYN); Britt Erickson, MD (Gynecologic Oncology); Rebecca French, MD (OB/GYN); Melissa Geller, MD, MS (Gynecologic Oncology); Rahel Ghebre, MD, MPH (Gynecologic Oncology); Samantha Hoffman, MD (OB/GYN); Colleen Rivard Hunt, MD (Gynecologic Oncology); Sarah Hutto, MD, MPH (OB/GYN); Katherine Jacobs, DO (OB/GYN); Cresta Jones, MD, FACOG (Maternal-Fetal Medicine); Daniel Landers, MD, FACOG (Maternal-Fetal Medicine); Sally Mullany, MD (Gynecologic Oncology); Rahel Nardos, MD, MCR (Urogynecology); Deanna Teoh, MD (Gynecologic Oncology); Carrie Terrell, MD (OB/GYN); Boris Winterhoff, MD, MS (Gynecologic Oncology); Yasuko Yamamura, MD (Maternal-Fetal Medicine)

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