Dr. Colleen Rivard Shares her "Why" During Women In Medicine Month

Dr. Colleen Rivard


Dr. Colleen Rivard

Dr. Colleen Rivard, M Physicians gynecologic oncologist, always knew she wanted to be a doctor since she was a kid. She was exposed to the medical field at a young age through her father, who is a nurse anesthetist. 

She completed her undergraduate degree at Notre Dame and attended medical school at Loyola University of Chicago. 

“When I originally started medical school, I thought I would do something primary care-related, like pediatrics or medicine, because I wanted to have long-term relationships with patients,” Dr. Rivard said. “But then, I did my first rotation with surgery and loved the procedural aspect of it all, and I did not love my pediatrics rotation.”

It wasn’t until her very last rotation of medical school – obstetrics/gynecology – that she found her passion. Part of that rotation included two weeks of gynecologic oncology...  READ MORE

Dr. Rivard also spoke with Talking...with U of M on the subtle signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.