ADPY 7512

Acting Internship Psychiatry - Consultation/Liaison


Jeremy Bydlon
Course Coordinator

Curriculum Focus
Clinical Level
MS Year
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Catalog Description:  The student will be teamed with a resident and staff who will supervise progressive participation in service activities. Case-directed teaching will be complemented by seminars with assigned readings and service conferences.

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Hennepin County Medical Center

HP-1015 Regions Hospital  

Required session attendance:

Typical weekly schedule/Delivery Mode:  M-F, 8:00am-5:30pm

Direct patient care:  Yes

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Course Objectives:  This course will develop and strengthen the psychiatric knowledge and skills integral to medical practice. Emphasis is placed upon the practical benefits and utility of psychiatric perspective and intervention in the general medical setting. At the conclusion of the rotation the student will:

  • be able to conduct a thorough mental status examination leading to appropriate diagnostic tests and major psychiatric diagnoses encountered in the medical setting, with particular attention to affective, anxiety, and cognitive disorders
  • be knowledgeable with regard to the initiation of psychotropic agents, including dosages, indications, contraindications, and major side effects in these disorders
  • be knowledgeable with regard to the principles and process of consultation
  • be aware of the potential psychiatric presentations of medical illness
  • demonstrate an understanding of the impact of psychosocial factors in hospitalized patients on medical and surgical services
  • be expected to explore the range of personal emotional responses to patients and the potential therapeutic utility of these responses

Graded Components:

  • Clinical assessment by faculty

Grading Scale:   H/E/S/N

Allow repetition of course: Repetition not allowed

Course equivalency:  Does Not Apply