What Students are Saying

Abhishek Chandra, Class of 2023

abhishekI chose the University of Minnesota Medical School because of the emphasis on collaborative learning during didactic instruction, the value placed on engaging with patients within their communities, and the opportunities to participate in research throughout medical training. The shift towards competency-based education further encourages students to engage with material for the sake of learning and not simply for rote-memorization in preparation for exams. Read more


Shanice Harris, Class of 2024

So much of my desire to pursue medicine stems from the values of community and service instilled in me as a child. My orientation towards service was cultivated in a household dedicated to helping others. As a first-generation college graduate and African American woman, I am dedicated to serving the underserved as a future health care provider. I chose the University of Minnesota Medical School because I believed its curriculum would mold me into the physician I desire to be; that is a physician that will advocate for the most vulnerable populations and ensure patient-centered, quality care for all. I like the community I have been able to cultivate with my peers and classmates. It brings me great joy to know that my classmates and I have been able to ensure that the medical school continues to create and implement an anti-racism curriculum that addresses systemic issues within medicine. Read more

Courtney Cotsonas, Class of 2024, Duluth Campus Medical School

Courtney Cotsonas

 I chose the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth Campus because of the mission to train family physicians with an emphasis on rural medicine and Native American Health. One enticing piece of UMD’s curriculum was the early clinical exposure with courses such as the Rural Medical Scholars Program (RMSP), the Summer Internship in Medicine (SIM), and our Family Medicine Preceptorship (FMP); and as it turns out, my time in the clinic during this past year were some of the most rewarding weeks of my first year of medical school. Read More...

Elizabeth Okafor, Class of 2025, MD/PhD


I chose UMN because of the institution's commitment to infectious diseases and global health, both in the realm of research and medical training. Several mentors of mine received their training at Minnesota and spoke highly of the program. Combining the training opportunities available to me and recommendations from mentors I trust solidified my decision to attend UMN. Read more...

 Ifeolu ‘Iffy’ Akinnola, Class of 2023, MD/PhD


Born and raised on the East Coast, Minnesota felt quite foreign to me. But, in my pursuit of a career as a physician scientist, I happily accepted an offer to join the U of MN MD/PhD Program. I saw both the medical and graduate schools as environments where students could receive quality training and help improve the quality of the university with the full support of faculty and staff. Read more... 

Osereme (Reme) Abulu, Class of 2023


Osereme (Reme) Abulu

 I chose the University of Minnesota because it was the one medical school that took a chance on me and accepted me. I used to feel shame about only getting one acceptance, but realized that I ended up where I was meant to be!  I like the dynamic of my class, we are really collaborative and supportive of one another's learning. We have mini rotations (POCC) starting in spring of 1st year, and I loved being able to see patients and start learning how to be a “real” doctor. When classes got hard, POCC was a great reminder of why I went to medical school. I also really like our clinical course Foundations of Clinical Thinking, it was a cool way to apply concepts learned in class to real life scenarios. Read More...

Paul Cho, Class of 2023

Paul cho

I chose the University of Minnesota Medical School because of the great variety of research, clinical rotation sites, price, and the ability to stay close to friends. I love the fact that you can almost tailor your medical school experience to what you want here. With the fact that the UMN Medical School is one of only two medical schools in the state, there are so many resources the school has access to. I think it allows us to focus on specific interests in depth here and really start building a professional career in medicine right. Read more...

Edith Hernandez, Class of 2023, MD/PHD

Edith Hernandez

 As a dual degree applicant, the University of Minnesota was my top choice mostly due to the Medical Discovery Team in Addiction (MDT-A) on campus, an interdisciplinary initiative that aims to link basic research in the addiction field to new therapeutic developments for clinical application. As a physician scientist, my main focus lies in translational work in addiction focused on underrepresented minority populations that are heavily impacted by addiction, addictive behaviors, and the long-term impact associated with recovery. The MDT-A has shown me the incredibly collaborative nature of the Neuroscience, Pharmacology, and Psychiatry departments that work together to tackle this issue. I have no doubt that I made the perfect choice when choosing the University of Minnesota for both my medical and graduate studies through the University of Minnesota Medical School's MD/PhD Program. Read more... 

Fathima Mohamed, Class of 2025, MD/PhD

Fathima Mohamed

I choose the UMN due to the exceptional training that I would receive in both medicine and Immunology. Including the incredible resources and opportunities available to me as a medical student and graduate student. Lastly, I admired the sense of community and connection within the program. Read more...



Roberto Lopez Cervera, Class of 2025, MD/PhD

Roberto Lopez Cervera

As someone who is passionate about research and mental health,  I was drawn to the highly translational and cutting-edge neuroscience research at UMMS. Many institutions will claim they are translational, but within my first month at UMMS I found myself sitting in a room full of psychiatrists, psychologists, neuroscientists, and computer scientists at an internal conference. We discussed mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disorders and then had the privilege of listening to patients share their lived experiences. For anyone interested in translational neuroscience research, I highly recommend you get to know Dr. Sophia Vinogradov (Head, Department of Psychiatry) and Dr. Damien Fair (Director, Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain). Read more...