What Students are Saying

Jenny Zhang, Class of 2017, SNMA MS3 Representative

Jenny ZhangI liked the students that I met on my interview day. They were kind, genuine, and down-to-earth. I also wanted to be close to my family and friends in Minnesota because I knew having a good support system during medical school was important to me. Additionally, I really valued the various settings that we could train in, such as county hospitals, VA, academic centers, community clinics, and more. The Twin Cities has so much to offer and caters to all interests, whether it is immigrant and refugee health, LGBTQ health, or various specialties. Read more...

Bako Orionzi, Class of 2018, SNMA Co-Vice President 2015-2016

Bako OrionziI grew up in MN and coming back to my state school was the sensible choice as far as tuition goes and the increasing cost in attending medical school. But that being said, I didn’t want that to stop me from going to the school I wanted for the best fit, and the U of MN still fulfilled that. At both my interview day and revisit day, I felt a grand sense of community even before I had chosen to attend officially. SNMA and the office of Minority and Diversity Affairs went a long way to just make me feel welcome and that there were people who wanted to see me not only succeed but also have an enjoyable experience. That coupled with the prestigious reputation of UMN made my decision easy when it came down to it. Read more...

Daniel Wells, Class of 2019

Daniel WellsI chose the University of Minnesota because of its strong program in primary care and opportunities to rotate in many different clinical environments. I hope to serve a diverse patient population in the future and wanted my medical training to prepare me for this career. I also chose this school because it seemed like an inclusive environment and as a member of the LGBTQ community, that was something I searched for in a school. We have a student group devoted to raising issues about LGBTQ health issues, workshops about conducting interviews with gender non-conforming patients, and many opportunities to rotate in clinics that serve this population. Read more...

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