What Students are Saying

Fathima Mohamed, Class of 2025, MD/PhD

Fathima Mohamed I choose the UMN due to the exceptional training that I would receive in both medicine and Immunology. Including the incredible resources and opportunities available to me as a medical student and graduate student. Lastly, I admired the sense of community and connection within the program. Read more... 

Roberto Lopez Cervera, Class of 2025, MD/PhD

Roberto Lopez Cervera As someone who is passionate about research and mental health,  I was drawn to the highly translational and cutting-edge neuroscience research at UMMS. Many institutions will claim they are translational, but within my first month at UMMS I found myself sitting in a room full of psychiatrists, psychologists, neuroscientists, and computer scientists at an internal conference. We discussed mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disorders and then had the privilege of listening to patients share their lived experiences. For anyone interested in translational neuroscience research, I highly recommend you get to know Dr. Sophia Vinogradov (Head, Department of Psychiatry) and Dr. Damien Fair (Director, Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain). Read more...

Kyra Valentine, Class of 2022

Kyra Valentine I chose the University of Minnesota because I was really impressed by the candor and self-awareness they demonstrated when discussing inequities and areas for growth within their own hospital system. Being somewhere with like-minded people who are always striving to do better in these areas is important to me. I have felt very supported throughout my medical journey by everyone in the administration, and I appreciate how willing my peers are to always offer help whenever it's needed. There is definitely a sense of community here at the U of M. Read more...

Chris Johns, Class of 2023

Chris Johns I chose 'the U' for a few reasons. One is that my family lives nearby, and I knew having that support system would be important during my studies. Cultures within medical schools vary drastically between programs and regions, it was important to me that I pick a program that prioritizes its students mental health while still challenging them clinically and academically. After my interview here I was pleasantly surprised by how much the students not only loved the faculty and program, but how supportive they were of one another. It felt like a culture that fostered success. Read more... 

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