Cuong Pham, MD

Cuong Pham

Name: Cuong Pham, MD

Hometown: Little Canada, MN

Undergraduate: UMN

Hobbies? Biking, running, board games

Languages you speak? Vietnamese

Furthest I've traveled from home? Home is Vietnam where I was born. So I can say Minnesota.  Otherwise, I have traveled throughout Europe and Africa.

Favorite activity in the Twin Cities? Biking along Minnehaha Creek and multiple lakes

Why I chose this specialty? I chose to do Med/Peds because of the wide scope and variety of work from primary care to hospital medicine.

Why Medicine?  My community and family have given me so much and medicine is one way for me to give back.  The moments I have seen people lift their lives up from me just listening or advocating will always be priceless.