Reading Corner

2021 Reading Corner

Month: July Focus: Gender-Based Differences in LOS Descriptions 
Month: June Focus: Pride Month
Month: May Focus: National Women's Health Week
Month: March Focus: International Women’s Day 
Month: February Focus: We Rise | Building Up Toolkit highlights on Power
Month: January Focus: Mentoring

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2020 Reading Corner

Month: December Focus: Clinical Work-life Integration and Wellbeing 
Month: November Focus: Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR)
Month: October Focus: Status of women & Girls in Minnesota

Month: September Focus:  Women in Medicine Month

Month: August Focus:  Women's Equality Day (Commemorating the passage of the 19th Amendment)

Month: July Focus:  Intersections of Disability and Gender Identity in Academic Medicine

Month: July Focus:  Intersections of Disability and Gender Identity in Academic Medicine

Month: June Focus:  Gender Minority in Academic Medicine 

Month: May Focus:  Exploring Gender Impacts of COVID-19 

Month: April Focus: Gender Equity World Wide During COVID-19

Month: March Focus: Women in Medicine and Science Throughout History

Month: February Focus: Women of Color in Academic Medicine and Science 

2019 Reading Corner

Month: December Focus: Gender and Leadership

Month: November Focus: GWIMS Toolkits 
Month: October 2019 Focus: Gender Equity in Peer Reviews 
Month: September 2019 Focus: Leading with Emotional Intelligence 
Month: August 2019 Focus: Sponsorship and Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Month: July 2019 Focus: The Role of Gender on Burnout

Month: June 2019 Focus: "Male Ally" 

Month: May 2019 Focus: Gender and voice 

Month: April 2019 Focus: Micro-inequities in Medicine