Shanice Harris


Shanice Harris


Graduating Class:
Class of 2024

Undergraduate & Graduate Education:
American University; B.S. in Public Health, Minor: Biology
Rutgers University; Master’s in Biomedical Sciences

Favorite activities to do in the Twin Cities?
I really enjoy exploring the many lakes of the Twin Cities. This summer I have visited a different lake each week and I would say my favorite lake thus far is Lake Harriet. Being outdoors in nature reminds me to show gratitude for all that life has to offer. In addition, I like trying out new ice cream shops in the area. I am currently obsessed with Sebastian Joe's Signature Nicollet Ave Pothole ice cream.

Why did you choose the University of Minnesota Medical School and what do you like about it?
So much of my desire to pursue medicine stems from the values of community and service instilled in me as a child. My orientation towards service was cultivated in a household dedicated to helping others. As a first-generation college graduate and African American woman, I am dedicated to serving the underserved as a future health care provider. I chose the University of Minnesota Medical School because I believed its curriculum would mold me into the physician I desire to be; that is a physician that will advocate for the most vulnerable populations and ensure patient-centered, quality care for all. I like the community I have been able to cultivate with my peers and classmates. It brings me great joy to know that my classmates and I have been able to ensure that the medical school continues to create and implement an anti-racism curriculum that addresses systemic issues within medicine.

Have you participated in any student organizations? If so, why did you select those organizations and what has been your experience?
I am co-president of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA), an organization committed to creating culturally competent and socially conscious physicians. Throughout this academic year, I am excited to promote and further SNMA’s mission towards community engagement and outreach. I joined SNMA because I am passionate about promoting safe spaces for underrepresented medical students to form a community with one another and faculty.