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Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA)

Visit the OFA site for resources for faculty including Campus Climate, Affinity Groups, CME E-Learning Program on Cultural Competency for Behavioral Health Professionals and other resources provided by OFA.

The Center for Women in Medicine and Science (CWIMS)

CWIMS supports and facilitates leadership and professional development opportunities to achieve gender equity, diversity and inclusion. CWIMS aims to create supportive institutional collaborations and infrastructures to ensure gender equity now and in the future through the following work:

  • Advance policies and collaborations that support the recruitment and retention of a thriving, diverse faculty community.
  • Build mentoring resources, networks, and role modeling opportunities for both new and established faculty.
  • Systematically address and ensure the equitable distribution of salary, resources, and strategic leadership opportunities across all faculty.
  • Strategically communicate and collaborate across the University system, locally, regionally and nationally to disseminate best practices regarding gender equity in academic medicine and science.
  • Support collaborative action initiatives to ensure safety, equity and dignity for all.
  • Carry out pioneering research on gender equity and women’s health issues.

Rapid Response Grant to Reduce Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare

The Rapid Response Grants to Reduce Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare will fund small scalable projects directly impacting the health of our community by reducing the effects of structural and systemic racism, reducing health disparities, improving access to health care, or addressing gaps in healthcare in non-majority community members. Priority areas are mental health in people of all ages, testing and care of those affected by COVID-19 pandemic, projects based within the community, and projects that are collaborative and informed by the communities they affect.

College MADE (Multicultural Access, Diversity and Excellence)

College MADE engages colleges to envision, declare and attain their own mission-driven equity and diversity goals related to increasing representational diversity, improving campus climate, while leveraging strategic partnerships and initiatives at the University of Minnesota. It recognizes our colleges as the locus of vision and action and draws on the notion of local efforts to affect institutional change.

The key purpose of College MADE is to foster agency and urgency for equity and diversity action within and amongst colleges. College MADE advances the idea that for the University of Minnesota to reach its ambitious diversity goals outlined in the strategic plan, leadership, commitment, collaboration, and shared responsibility and accountability from our colleges is critical.

To accomplish this purpose, College MADE draws on the experience and expertise of a broad cross-section of the UMN community and invites colleges to consider how to:

  1. broaden access and opportunity and enhance diversity within student, staff, and faculty populations;
  2. understand and address diversity and inclusion climate issues within their college community;
  3. create partnerships between the college, university, and external communities to bring about beneficial social change on campus. College MADE is intended to be a ‘grasstops’ effort connected to the ‘grassroots’ work already being done by the university-wide Diversity Community of Practice (DCoP) and by individuals and groups across the university.

For more information please visit OED, College MADE Initiative page.

Faculty Fighting Racism: A Learning Initiative

Faculty Fighting Racism was created by the University of Minnesota Graduate School Diversity Consultation Team as a first step in the process of understanding what it means to be anti-racist. They have developed a curated list of books, articles, videos, and podcasts to get faculty started on this long, personal, and continuous journey towards understanding this concept and our role as educators. This list will be updated regularly with new content.

Rosalind Franklin Society-Briefings

The Rosalind Franklin Society showcases and supports eminent women scientists. Their briefings are an amazing resource for our women faculty scholars, and you can sign up for their mailing list here.

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Employee Resources & Support

For Principal Investigators

For T32 Principal Investigators

ODEI has created a resource to help faculty who are writing new or renewal T32 training grant applications. NIH requires a section on developing a Recruitment Plan to Enhance Diversity (RPED). 

Read the guide here (UMN login required)

For P/U Applications

ODEI has created a resource to help faculty writing P or U grant applications that require a Plan to Enhance Diverse Perspectives (PEDP).

Read the guide here (UMN login required)