Student National Medical Association Mentor Program

Be sure to read the information on this page for eligibility and requirements. 

The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) Mentor Program is designed to support underrepresented and/or minority pre-medical students as they explore a career in medicine. The program provides encouragement to future students through relationships with current medical students.

The mentorship program is open to all pre-medical college to professional level learners that reside within the Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding metro area. Participants do not have to be current University of Minnesota students.

Mentors encourage and guide the participants, showing them important aspects of life in Medical School, and recommend activities that will help them create a competitive application. Mentees learn about the admissions process, gaining the skills needed for successful matriculation into Medical School.

This program is an initiative of the Student National Medical Association, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Chapter.

You may apply online during the program’s application period, July - August each year. 

Deadline to apply: 09/29/2023

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Program length

Generally, applications are accepted in August or September. The program officially begins with an introductory event in September or October, and continues through the commencement event dinner in March or April. Mentors and mentees will be notified of their pairings prior to the introductory event and are expected to contact each other beforehand. Early discontinuation of the program is strongly discouraged. However, if mentor or mentee can no longer participate, the remaining party may be paired with an alternative mentor/mentee.


All pre-medical students are eligible to be mentees. However, pre-medical students of African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino American, Hmong, or another minority heritage are strongly encouraged to participate. Students of sophomore standing and above, as well as those who have graduated, will be given preference. If participants cannot attend the introductory event, they will be unable to participate further in the program.

Guidelines and Expectations

There will be a 1:1 pairing of mentee to mentor to ensure optimal attention is placed on mentees. Both are expected to maintain professional and appropriate relationships. It is the responsibility of the mentee to initiate contact with their mentor, and guide the communication throughout the year toward their goals for this mentoring program. This is an opportunity for mentees to practice networking skills that will be critical throughout medical school.

Mentee and mentors are expected to individually discuss and set goals for the year at the introductory event. These goals should include the year’s activities (see below) and a timeframe for completing them. At the end of the mentoring year, surveys will be given to evaluate the success of each relationship. The relationships that demonstrate exceptional rapport, dedication and overall quality will be awarded for excellence at the commencement event.

Disagreements and disputes among mentors/mentees that cannot be resolved will be mediated by the Program Coordinators via

All selected participating pre-medical students must live or reside in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or the metropolitan surrounding area while participating in the duration of the Mentoring Program.

Possible mentor-mentee activities are divided into three sub-groups. “Required” activities include basic events that all mentees should attend. “Encouraged” activities are designed to give mentees a better understanding of medicine. And “above-and-beyond” activities help mentees develop an exceptional Medical School application.

The list below is not to be considered exhaustive. Mentors may add other events according to their own resources.


  • Attendance at the opening event on Thursday, October 5 from 6-7 PM, location to be announced
  • Attendance at the closing event (to be announced)
  • Meet with mentee, at least once/month
  • Attend at least 1 workshop/panel event

Encouraged (includes required activities, plus the following):

  • Physician shadowing experience for the mentee
  • Meet with mentee on a regular basis (2-4x/month) to study, have coffee, meals, etc.
  • Set up a medically-related volunteer experience
  • Proofread essays and personal statement for the AMCAS application (if applicable)
  • Conduct a mock Medical School interview for mentee (if applicable)
  • Invite mentee to Medical School class at least once per semester
  • Invite mentee to at least one lunch lecture per semester
  • Advise about AMCAS application using personal experience (if applicable)

Above-and-beyond (includes required activities, plus the following):

  • Set up a long-term volunteer experience in a clinic or hospital
  • Set up a long-term shadowing experience with a physician
  • Help secure an internship that lasts through the summer or semester