The Medical School Dean’s Lecture Series is a series of presentations offered to faculty, staff, and students in the Medical School community, as a response to critical issues that are emerging during the pandemic, as well as our efforts to address racial injustice and health disparities within our institution.

The series provides an opportunity for members of our Medical School community to present essential topics and ideas for improving our lives, whether it be within our research, education, clinical work, or service.

Lectures are offered monthly and facilitated by senior leaders of the Medical School. If you have a suggested topic to be considered for future lectures, please submit them here.

Amy Finnegan, PhD

Feb. 8, 2023: Inequity Kills: Taking the Statement to Heart in Social Medicine Practice

Presenter: Amy Finnegan, PhD, Associate Professor in Justice and Peace Studies and American Culture and Difference at University of St. Thomas

About Dr. Finnegan: Amy Finnegan, PhD is an Associate Professor in Justice and Peace Studies and American Culture and Difference at the University of St. Thomas where she teaches courses pertaining to conflict transformation, social movements, active nonviolence, qualitative methods, sociological perspectives on health, and social justice broadly. Her scholarly interests pertain to the white savior complex, critical race theory, degrowth, abolition, dialogue, and transformative pedagogies. She is on the leadership team of EqualHealth, a global grassroots health justice collective which strives to build critical consciousness and collective action globally in pursuit of health equity for all. 

About the presentation: This presentation will introduce the praxis of social medicine, drawing on the lived experience of EqualHealth. Dr. Finnegan will share personal and scholarly work pertaining to the white savior complex and how we may move through it towards authentic global solidarity. The session will include a discussion of collective efforts to address root causes of ill health, such as racial capitalism.

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