We support and facilitate leadership and professional development opportunities to achieve gender equity, diversity, and inclusion. 


We aim to create supportive institutional collaborations and infrastructures to ensure gender equity now and in the future.

CWIMS works to:

  • Advance policies and collaborations that support the recruitment and retention of a thriving, diverse faculty community.
  • Build mentoring resources, networks, and role modeling opportunities for both new and established faculty.
  • Systematically address and ensure the equitable distribution of salary, resources, and strategic leadership opportunities across all faculty.
  • Strategically communicate and collaborate across the University system, locally, regionally and nationally to disseminate best practices regarding gender equity in academic medicine and science.
  • Support collaborative action initiatives to ensure safety, equity and dignity for all.
  • Carry out pioneering research on gender equity and women’s health issues.

CWIMS is the direct result of the University of Minnesota’s recognition of the importance for gender-equitable and diverse academic and clinical environments. It also promotes the attainment of gender equity competencies required of future physicians to be successful in our exceedingly diverse healthcare systems.

CWIMS Contact

Professor, Family Medicine
Kait Macheledt
Administrative Associate
612-625-1850 | Delaware 454
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