Shaquita Bell, MD

Shaquita Bell

Name: Shaquita Bell, MD

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Undergraduate: Drake University in Des Moines, IA

Hobbies?: I am an avid reader of fiction mostly, but occasional non-fiction. Lois Erdrich is my favorite author.  I swim nearly every day, in medical school, I used to swim at the pavilion pool and walk over to class, now I swim at a local high school and walk over to the clinic. 

Languages you speak? Just English, and not that great.

Furthest I've traveled from home? Iceland and it was well worth it.

Favorite activity in the Twin Cities? I love being out and around the lakes.  Walking, canoeing, fishing, pretty much anything that involves being outside and around water.

Why I chose this specialty? I am a pediatrician because children are our future and it is a privilege to serve their health and the future of our people.

Closing Remarks: I am thankful for the excellent training that I received at the University of Minnesota Medical School.  It has prepared me to practice primary care pediatrics in a community that looks like and feels like the one I came from.  It is my honor to help address issues of health equity and health disparities in my daily work.