Adebisi Alimi, MD

Adebisi Alimi, MD

Name: Adebisi Alimi, MD

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Undergraduate School attended: University of Illinois

Hobbies: Soccer, Swimming 

Languages I speak: English, Yoruba 

Furthest I've traveled from home: Sydney, Australia 

Favorite activities in the Twin Cities: Playing soccer and exploring ethnic foods 

What is your specialty: Gastroenterology-Internal medicine

Why I chose my specialty: I chose Gastroenterology as Internal medicine subspecialties because it allows me to use "head and hands" to provide medical and endoscopic treatment to manage various multisystemic presentations of various GI illnesses. I am a strong advocate of early colon cancer screening to reduce healthcare disparities and mortality among minority populations. Most importantly, I am a foodie. 

Why Medicine: At an early age, I was fascinated about how medications/vaccines work in the human body and coupled with my love for science fueled my desire to become a physician. Medicine allows me to help people when they are at the most vulnerable time of their life and helps me foster a long term relationship with my patients which is a true blessing of being a physician.