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The Staff Advancing Diversity & Inclusion (SADI) Spotlight is to recognize individuals or groups who demonstrate dedication and commitment to advocating for diversity through activities that promote an inclusive environment. Learn how we define diversity and inclusion. The Spotlight awardee(s) will be featured on the SADI website in addition to the monthly Office of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (ODEI) newsletter. 

The SADI Spotlight awardee(s) should be current University of MN Medical School employees whose primary position is classified as an academic, professional and/or administrative role other than faculty or learner. This includes full-time, part-time, temporary, and student-employee positions.  

Nominations can be self-submitted by the individual/group nominees or submitted by supervisors, direct reports or peers of the nominees via the nomination form. Please provide a brief description of the individual or group’s involvement in furthering DEI work at the University of Minnesota, Medical School or in their community. 

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April 2022

What is allyship? Why does it matter? How can I get better at it?

The ‘SADI Dialogues: Allyship is for Everyone’ virtual workshop will cover these questions and more, leaving you with simple takeaways that will help you continue growing into a more supportive colleague and community member.

March Workshop Reflections

“Providing frameworks like the Bystander Intervention tactics (5Ds) was really helpful in thinking about how to be an effective ally.”

“I really appreciated the mix of information, examples given, and smaller breakout groups.  The breakouts provided an opportunity to more easily digest the information introduced, share our own experiences, and to discuss scenarios using techniques and tools presented.”

“The presenter was fantastic, provided relatable content, and had a great speaking pace that made it easy to both follow along and think about what was being presented.”

March 2022

Lactation Advocacy Committee (LAC)

The Lactation Advocacy Committee (LAC) is a volunteer coalition of University employees and students dedicated to supporting breastfeeding parents at the University of Minnesota. The Committee was formed by the Women’s Center and the Student Parent Help Center in 2009 and includes an interdisciplinary team of representatives across the University community. LAC is currently led by two Co-Chairs: Jaclyn Adair (Faculty & Academic Affairs) and Mikaela Robertson (Boynton Health).

In the decade since its formation, the LAC has played an important role in assessing and documenting the need for additional lactation support on campus and advocating for changes to better accommodate lactation needs. Specifically the LAC has been bringing attention to the lactation needs to learners, staff, and faculty in the Medical School; including lactation space both on campus and in the clinical setting, addressing impacts to compensation and benefits for those that lactate, and supporting greater communication and access to resources already available. 
For more information, resources, how to get involved, sign up for email updates, or if you have a story you’d like to share, go to the Lactation Advocacy Committee website.

February 2022

SADI ‘Hot Topics’ will be a bi-monthly open forum discussion about trending events related to DEI topics. SADI Committee members will present 2-3 topics to discuss with the group via Zoom. Topics will be communicated ahead of the discussion but are subject to change based on current events.

View forum dates and Zoom link information here.

January 2022

Betsy Wehrwein

What staff are saying about the Staff Advancing Diversity & Inclusion ‘Connect & Learn Discussions’:


 “Sharing stories with others can be powerful and Connect and Learn offers such an opportunity. I have especially enjoyed listening to others and considering new, holistic perspectives. I think there’s often an underlying passion behind why someone supports the medical school, and connecting with others on meaningful topics touches that intangible and special human thread."

Betsy Wehrwein, ID Education Coordinator, Division of Infectious Diseases & International Medicine, Dept. of Medicine


“SADI Connect & Learn Discussions are the perfect mix of in-depth study, thought-provoking conversations and forging new connections.  I didn't know how much I didn't know until I began participating.  Thank you, SADI members and facilitators, for helping me become a more aware, inclusive leader.” 

Kathleen Dockter, Vice Chair of Administration, Dept. of Medicine

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