Pipeline and Pathway Programs provide a variety of specialized supports designed to develop a physician workforce prepared to meet the needs of all Minnesotans.

See below for a list of programs offered to current and prospective Medical School students.

BA/MD joint admissions scholars program
BA/MD Joint Admissions Scholars Program

The Bachelor of Arts/Medical Doctor (BA/MD) Scholars Program provides a unique opportunity for exceptional Minnesota residents to become physicians committed to meeting the healthcare needs of all Minnesotans. Learn more!

PostBac Program

IN DEVELOPMENT: Postbaccalaureate programs provide a pathway into medical school for people who have an undergraduate degree but may need additional components for success.

umn campus

DPRIME is a program for students contemplating a career as a physician scientist (MD/PhD). 

Medic to Medical School
Medics into Medicine

Medics into Medicine is a program which will focus on assisting individuals with experience as combat medics in the armed forces to transition to successful training in the field of medicine.

Biomedical Sciences (BMS) MS Program: Gateways to Medicine and Research (UM Duluth)

The NEW Gateways to Medicine and Research Master’s Program is a recently approved umbrella program beginning in the fall of 2023. The Gateways MS Program is intended to provide training for students interested in boosting their application to medical school or preparing for careers in biomedical research. The program consists of two tracks: a 1-year Medical Track (non-thesis, Plan B MS) and a 2-year Research Track with thesis (Plan A MS).

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Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

The Medical School's Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies serves to provide support, services and resources to both graduate student and postdoctoral scholar trainees.

Life Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Porgram (LSSURP)

LSSURP offers life sciences research programs for undergraduate students who have a goal of enrolling in Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D programs.