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Welcome to the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Staff Advancing Diversity & Inclusion (SADI) Committee website!

SADI was created in 2015 by University of Minnesota Medical School (UMMS) Staff who recognized a need for DEI opportunities for staff, a sometimes forgotten group between faculty and students. The mission of SADI is to identify, create, and support initiatives that advance the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion for UMMS staff, on the Twin Cities, Duluth and (future) Saint Cloud campuses.

The SADI Leadership Committee and Subcommittees are dedicated to providing valuable learning and engagement opportunities, resources, support options, and helping the Medical School move towards a more diverse and inclusive workforce to better serve our school and community. 

Since 2017, SADI has hosted various workshops and dialogue circles for staff on how to become a better ally, recognize implicit bias and microaggressions, understand privilege and advance racial equity, confront ableism and sexual harassment.

In 2020, in response to the murder of George Floyd, SADI recognized the greater need to provide a space for staff to engage in DEI work. We increased our presence at the UMMS. SADI volunteers represent 20 departments with 3 subcommittees that report to a leadership team.

SADI timeline 2023

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SADI Leadership Committee

  • Chair: Shawn Jarvis (Medicine)
  • Joy Harken (Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)
  • Sara Atkins Howard (Medicine)
  • Raji Geneti (MNPI Admin Unit)
  • Derek Hersch (Family Medicine & Community Health)
  • Le Que Heidkamp (GME)
  • Dorislynn Quinones-Stolt (Medicine)
  • Gage Urvina (Youth & Age Project)
  • Anna Hennessey (Medicine)
  • Jenna Jensen (Pediatrics - Clinical Research Services)
  • Kyrsten Olson (Center of American Indian & Minority Healthy Duluth)
  • Shivjot Singh (Pediatrics)
  • Liz Sopdie, 2022 Chair (Rural & Metropolitan Physician Assoc. Programs)


SADI Communications Subcommittee

  • Lead: Shawn Jarvis (Medicine)
  • Maryanne Reilly-Spong (Student Affairs)
  • Shelby Gill (Medicine)
  • Shelley Burton (Surgery)
  • Rebecca Shirley (Family Medicine & Community Health)

SADI Events & Education Subcommittee

  • Co-Lead: Gina Finical (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology & Neuro-Oncology)
  • Co-Lead: Sarah Walstein (Medicine)
  • Brenna Doheny (Family Medicine & Behavioral Health Duluth)
  • Deanna Loggins (Pediatrics)
  • Mary Lonergan-Cullum (Family Medicine & Community Health)
  • Amber Prahl (Orthopedic Surgery)
  • Michiah Van Syckel (MN Cancer Clinical Trials Network)

SADI Recruitment, Development, & Retention Subcommittee

  • Lead: Barbara Daiker (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences)
  • Mehnca Dahnkuan (Pediatrics)
  • Mary Jo Hadler (Urology)
  • Rin Heise (Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies)
  • Addy Irvine (UME Student Affairs)
  • Woojeong Ma (UME Curriculum)
  • Heather Nelson (Neurology)
  • Zhac Rahkonen (Pediatrics)
  • Rob Super 

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Dean's Lecture Series:

Fostering Diversity & Inclusion for Staff in the Medical School

This presentation invites you to gain insights into SADI’s current initiatives and the impactful work carried out by its subcommittees. Discover how SADI works to foster a more inclusive and representative learning environment in the Medical School.

View the transcript here.

Presenters: Shawn Jarvis (He/Him), SADI Committee Chair, Maryanne Reilly-Spong (She/Her), SADI Co-Chair, Gina Finical (She/Her), SADI Co-Lead for Events and Education Subcommittee, Barb Daiker (She/Her), Chair of the SADI Recruitment and Retention committee, Shelby Gill (She/Her), SADI Communication Subcommittee Member, Derek Hersch (He/Him), SADI Affinity Groups Leader